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We know education is the first step toward becoming empowered.

As patients access information, their relationship with their health changes forever - for the better.

That’s why Health Activists are so dedicated in their passion to share their experiences, favorite online resources, and advice. That’s why we work to create Sharing Hubs with a collection of videos and resources that can help Health Activists learn more and help them share information with patients in their communities. It’s just one of the ways WEGO Health works as a liaison between patients and healthcare companies. Sharing Hubs are paid for by our sponsors (and clearly marked as paid content), so they are also one of the ways WEGO Health's member benefits are made possible.

Through Sharing Hubs, WEGO Health:

  • Showcases incredible patient leaders in exclusive video conversations
  • Provides a platform for healthcare companies and patients to come together
  • Offers easy-to-share educational content that can empower patients and caregivers no matter where they are in their care journeys
  • Donates to respected, community-vetted charities

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