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Who Is WEGO Health?

WEGO Health is a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming health care by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. We are the world’s largest network of patient thought leaders, influencers and advocates, comprising more than 100,000 individuals across 150 health conditions. Our clients include leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, as well as agencies and organizations across the health care industry. WEGO Health offers enterprise and on-demand solutions that allow clients to leverage patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of their products and services.

WEGO Health Solutions

WEGO Health connects companies to millions of hyper-engaged health consumers through its trusted network of patient influencers. The network includes over 100,000 patient influencer members, in 150+ conditions. Each member reaches ~15,000 followers through multiple social media channels. For agencies and health companies, WEGO Health delivers research/insights and earned media social activation programs. WEGO Health is your trusted connection to Patient communities. Learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.
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WEGO Health Experts

WEGO Health Experts is the first on-demand, digital matching platform designed to connect health care companies with a global community of vetted patient leaders. It’s a frictionless way to identify, recruit and hire patient leaders for short- or long-term freelance gigs. Want to learn more? You’ll find a more extensive list of Expert FAQs on WEGO Health Experts, as well as customer support through our online chat feature.
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