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Replay: The Story You Need to Tell Writing Workshop

April Johnson Stearns, founder and editor in chief of WILDFIRE Magazine, led a writing workshop for Social Health Network Health Leaders interested in using their voice to advocate for themselves and others in a meaningful and effective way. In case you weren’t able to catch the workshop live, you can now watch the recording below.


Key takeaways

Throughout this workshop, it was clear that many of our Health Leaders benefited from writing about their health advocacy experiences. April created a safe space for people to share stories and memories that have deeply impacted their lives. We encourage you to watch the video above and answer the prompts on your own time. We would love to hear what you took away from this writing workshop!

About April Stearns

April launched WILDFIRE Magazine as a way to create community through personal storytelling as it pertains to young women diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted to help others heal through the reading and writing of stories. WILDFIRE is a gorgeous, ad-free print and digital magazine. Each issue tells the stories of 30+ women diagnosed under 45 years old from all over the world.

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