Announcing the Inaugural Industry Honorees of the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards

For 10 years, the nominees, finalists, and winners of the WEGO Health awards have brought to all who know them overwhelming inspiration and appreciation for making patient advocacy their mission. This year’s winners are no different and as incredible as ever. What set this year’s class apart from those prior is the addition of some very special people and programs working within regulatory and legal constraints to empower the patient voice: our industry honorees.

This year, we introduced six industry categories to the WEGO Health Awards program so we could honor industry heroes working to transform healthcare alongside the very patients they serve. We had a tremendous response to our six new industry categories, and are ecstatic to share with you this year’s honorees.

Best Use of Social Media to Engage Patients

Within a highly regulated industry, pharmaceutical marketers face unique challenges when it comes to using social media to connect with patients. Those who have forged meaningful patient engagement on social media deserve special recognition. This award will go to a company or brand that uses social media to foster engagement within the online patient community and bring awareness of a condition, product, or solution through social media.

Connect on CLL, Pharmacyclics & Janssen Oncology
“Get Phexxi” Launch Campaign, Evofem Biosciences
MYCAPSSA Launch, Chiasma

#WhyITattoo, GSK – Support for the Lupus Community Takes Flight
The #WhyITattoo campaign was designed to raise awareness about lupus. We provided temporary butterfly tattoos and a digital Facebook filter and asked patients, caregivers, and loved ones to snap a picture and share on social media. We are thrilled that more than one hundred thousand people participated in the campaign to support those living with lupus.

Best Digital Patient Engagement Program

Digital adoption is no longer a buzzword in the healthcare industry, it’s table stakes. This award will honor a healthcare company or brand that is delivering innovative digital programs or initiatives to patients, driving digital adoption and engagement.

Resensation, Axogen Corporation
Migraine Buddy, Healint

Akili Interactive
Akili Interactive is truly a pioneer in the digital medicine space with the first and only FDA cleared prescription treatment delivered through a video game. Akili believes effective medicine for serious illnesses can also be fun and engaging. They’re creating a new class of digital medicines for people living with cognitive impairment that is delivered through captivating video game experiences.

Most Authentic Use of Patients in a Marketing Campaign

Gaining patient trust is one of the biggest hurdles healthcare companies face. Fortunately, now more than ever, companies are collaborating with patients to foster relationships and drive authentic engagement. This award will be given to a pharmaceutical company, brand, or initiative that features patient stories in an authentic way, driving meaningful patient engagement. This can be any type of marketing campaign or initiative across any channel or medium.

#WhyITattoo, GSK – Support for the Lupus Community Takes Flight
Portal Instruments Patient Voices

More to MS, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Janssen’s More to MS is an educational resource to help patients and their care partners holistically manage multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms and live well with MS, providing firsthand accounts and guidance for discussing their experiences with doctors, family, and friends.

Most Valuable Support or Access Program

The recipient of this award will be a pharmaceutical company or brand that has designed innovative solutions to promote patient access and support. The winning initiative will convey a clear understanding of the patient journey and access barriers and provide useful resources that allow patients and providers to navigate the access and reimbursement process.

Complete, AbbVie
#RAREis, Horizon Therapeutics

Antidote Match
Antidote Match is the first trial matching engine that uses structured eligibility criteria and proprietary algorithms to explore a patient’s eligibility for every trial. Match is a clinical trial search tool that lives on Antidote’s website, but also powers clinical trial search for 250+ patient communities and health portals — bringing clinical trial awareness, matching, and access to millions of patients a month.

Patient Truth Industry Hero

This prestigious honor will go to an industry influencer who is highly visible on the front lines of healthcare and uses their platform or voice to tirelessly support and amplify the patient’s voice in a true and meaningful way. The definition of a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Abigail Canlas, JYNARQUE Create Space
Mary Frances Harmon, PTC Therapeutics

Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital

Champion for Patient Collaboration

This distinction will be awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond to champion initiatives that promote patient-centered culture and foster collaboration with others to enhance the patient experience. These individuals demonstrate a passionate commitment to engaging patients as partners, not just as consumers of their products.

Liz Clark, Independent Pharmaceutical Physician, Trainer & Coach
Paul Murasko, Ipsen, Special and Determined
Patricia J. Rullo – Speak Up Talk Radio

Vanita Sharma – Strongbridge Biopharma
“By advocating for patients, I have been fortunate to have my professional career be centered around amplifying the patient voice. I have an unwavering commitment and passion for bringing the voice of the patient, especially those living with rare conditions, to the forefront. Receiving this award is the biggest honor of my career, and I am so humbled to have received this distinction as WEGO’S Champion of Patient Collaboration.”

Congratulations to all of our inaugural industry finalists and winners! Thank you for your dedication to incorporating patients in the work you do, and for paving the way for other industry members to do the same. Your initiatives have laid the groundwork for the future industry champions of the patient voice! Watch the virtual celebration of our honorees and the entire WEGO Health Awards virtual ceremony here.

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