Presenting the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards Winners

After a decade of the WEGO Health Awards, we continue to be starstruck by the compassion, dedication, and leadership of the patient leader community. Created to honor the efforts of patients and caregivers, the WEGO Health Awards offer an annual recognition of those supporting patient communities and creating change on the industry level.

With over 21,000 nominations this year, we’re honored to celebrate more patient leaders than ever before. Across all platforms, channels, and health conditions – this year’s nominees were truly exceptional.

Our judges had the near-impossible task of narrowing down all of these incredible nominees. To determine the finalists, members of the online health community volunteered their time to sort through over 21,000 nominations to just 96 finalists. From there, our industry judges provided weighted scores to ultimately uncover the 10th annual WEGO Health Awards winners.

Missed the virtual celebration? Check out the full ceremony below:

The Celebration Continues…

We may be closing out our virtual ceremony, but the excitement is just beginning!

All of our winners are invited to an in-person celebration during the HLTH Event in Boston, MA this month, with travel and accommodations provided by sponsors Healthsparq and Outcomes4Me.

Each winner is also entitled to a seat on our compensated Patient Leader Advisory Board and the chance for industry exposure events over the next year. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and strategies from these top patient leaders.

In the meantime, help us celebrate this year’s winners – follow them on social below and give them a shout for their achievements!

Celebrating the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards winners:

Advocating for Another
Rare Disease Patient Leader, Sarita Edwards

Best in Show : Blog
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader, Devin Garlit

Best in Show : Community
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader, Kathy Reagan Young

Best in Show : Facebook
Juvenile Arthritis & Psoriasis Patient Leader, Joel Nelson

Best in Show : Instagram
Food Allergy & Asthma Patient Leader, Thomas Silvera

Best in Show : Podcast
Rare Disease Patient Leader, Effie Parks

Best in Show : Twitter
Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Leader, Michelle Munt

Best in Show: Youtube
Chronic Pain Patient Leader, Jo Beckwith

Best in Show: TikTok
Chronic Illness Patient Leader, Ariana Covarrubias

Rookie of the Year
ADHD Patient Leader, Ashley Perkins

Best Kept Secret
Neuromyelitis Optica Patient Leader, Sumaira Ahmed

Best Team Performance
Childhood Cancer Patient Leaders, Cancer Kids First

Healthcare Collaborator
CLL Patient Leader, Michele Nadeem-Baker

Hilarious Patient Leader
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader, Damian Washington

Patient Leader Hero
Cancer Patient Leader, Shrenik Shah

Lifetime Achievement
NET Patient Leader, Ronny Allan

Congratulations to all of the WEGO Health Awards nominees, finalists, and winners!

Thank you for sharing your story, supporting others, and building community. We are so grateful to be a part of your journey.

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