Month: April 2021

How Our Health Community Can Improve Systemic Racism

Looking to better understand how you can fight racism and disparities within the health space? In this webinar replay, hosted by patient leader Monique Gore-Massy, you’ll gain a historical perspective on how current gaps in the US healthcare system came to exist. More importantly, you’ll walk away with actionable items for how you can continue…
5 Ways to Keep Up the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month Momentum

5 Ways to Keep up the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month Momentum

In honor of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, we co-hosted #ChatMS with patient leaders Randy (@MustStopMS), Cathy (@CathyChes), and Caroline(@TheGirlWithMS). Together, we reflected back on the awareness month and brainstormed new ways to maintain momentum and advocacy even after Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month ends. Check out 5 key insights and highlights from our chat: #1 Keep…
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