Announcing the 2021 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board

Each year, the WEGO Health Awards help us uncover the top patient leaders of the online health community. This unique process relies heavily on input from thousands of patient communities and a hundred experts in the healthcare industry.

So who better to guide us this next year than our WEGO Health Awards winners?

The WEGO Health Advisory Board ensures our company goals consistently align with the needs of the patient community. This relationship keeps us honest and focused on finding solutions that work for both patients and pharmaceutical companies.

So as we look to a brighter 2021, it is with immense pride we announce the 2021 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board.

Each of these twelve individuals have tremendous insight, valuable experience, and powerful ideas to learn from. We are so honored to embark on this next year of collaboration, and we can’t wait to see the impact we’ll make as a team.

Click on each of the Patient Leader’s photos below to learn more about them, and be sure to connect with them on social media.


The 2021 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board



Here’s to solving healthcare’s biggest challenges, together!


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