Year: 2020

Presenting the 9th Annual WEGO Health Awards Winners

Each day, there are thousands of patients and caregivers sharing their health stories, raising awareness, and inspiring others to keep fighting for their health. Unfortunately, too often their incredible impact goes unnoticed, which is precisely why we created the WEGO Health Awards. It's our mission to empower the patient voice, and that includes shining a…
Emotional Marketing Blog 2020 Itching For Empathy

Itching for Empathy

It was a humid, ninety-degree Summer day in Indiana. Coach blows the whistle to end our conditioning training outdoors in the scorching heat. I was playing Division-1 collegiate soccer and those hot day sprints were brutal. As if being sore, tired, hot, and blistered weren’t enough, I had the honor of tacking on eczema, atopic…
Guide to Patient Culture on Social Media

2020 Guide to Patient Culture on Social Media

Patient culture will bloom wherever it’s planted. It started on message boards and trickled into Facebook Groups, it spread across twitter and broke through your Instagram feed, it wove it’s way through Reddit threads and has even erupted across TikTok. Every platform has a purpose, a mission, a community shouting to be heard in 120…

HLTH 2020: Pull Up a Chair for Patients at Your Table

Year after year, conference after conference, patients are left out of the conversations around their care. And while we’re far from where we need to be as an industry and healthcare system, more companies than ever are noticing the need to involve healthcare’s key stakeholder: patients. One of those companies, HLTH, is demonstrating their commitment…

Validating Your 2021 Brand Plans with Patient Leaders

Validating Your 2021 Brand Plans with Patient Leaders With a live panel of MS, OCD, IBS, PCOS, Type 1 Diabetes, Endometriosis, RA, and Women's Health Patient Leaders, this WEGO Health webinar focuses on discussing influencer marketing, emerging channels, and overall media mix suggestions for pharmaceutical brands to deploy in 2021. Watch the event here!
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