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The 2019 WEGO Health Awards turned out to be our biggest celebration yet! With over 6k nominations and 130k endorsements, we were able to celebrate more Patient Leaders than ever before.

The program celebrates the top 5 finalists in each of the 15 WEGO Health Awards categories, but with so many nominations, it’s nearly impossible to shine a bright light on all these deserving nominees! In hopes of recognizing even more nominees, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Patient Leaders in each category based on community endorsements.

WEGO Health Awards Best in Show: Twitter Award

These Top 10 Best in Show: Twitter Patient Leaders manage to create easily digestible 280 character tweets to support, educate and encourage their communities. Whether they’ve created their own Twitter chat, participate actively in others’ chats, push out words of encouragement – they are the model of Twitter for #health

The Bipolar Battle – John Poehler | Bipolar Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Twitter Winner

John lives with bipolar disorder type 1 and publishes a weekly article on his blog. The main topic is bipolar disorder in addition to the lifestyle topics of general mental health, finance, fitness, and family. In addition to blogging, John advocates heavily on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has been featured on various podcasts and has contributed to other websites. John’s goal is to empower those living with bipolar disorder live the life they deserve.

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Tom Kindlon | Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Twitter Finalist

“I have had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)* since February 1989, when I was just 16. I wasn’t diagnosed till autumn 1994 by which time I was severely affected. I follow ME news closely & try to help the ME cause, in Ireland and internationally, as best I can. Twitter, Facebook & other platforms allow me to share what I find to a wider audience. I believe there is power in numbers and together we can make a difference; conversely, I feel that if I & others don’t try, we could be ignored and fobbed off indefinitely with rehabilitative therapies like GET & CBT based on scheduling increased activity.”

Find out more about Tom’s mission and learn about all he’s accomplished in his advocacy.

Amanda Greene – LA Lupus Lady | Lupus Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Twitter Finalist

“Amanda proudly smiles and shares that she thrives with flair while finding a way to avoid a flare, that is not easy but when Amanda realized that her voice and story could create an impact, her vision became clear. Now Amanda is working on ways to engage the healthcare community to collaborate with Patient Leaders to create empathy and connection.”

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Barby Ingle | Chronic Pain Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Twitter Finalist

Cheerleader of HOPE – Barby Ingle, BSc, is an Amazon bestselling author, reality television personality, and president of International Pain Foundation (iPain) sharing her powerful story about life-changing events that forced life reflection, purpose, and her journey from wheels to heals. Barby has a degree in Social Psychology from George Mason University and more than 20 years of living with chronic pain and 30 years of motivational speaking experience.

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Jed Finley | Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Twitter Finalist

Jed was diagnosed at the age of 12 with Ankylosing Spondylitis. In 2000 he contracted Lyme disease. He has been an advocate for both AS and Lyme since 2007 when he founded his support group Living With Ankylosing Spondylitis. Jed also is a group leader for SAA. He has written for publications about AS and disability issues in the workplace.

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Tina Aswani Omprakash | Crohn’s Disease Patient Leader

Tina Aswani Omprakash is a Crohn’s patient and health advocate for the chronically ill and disabled. She is based out of New York City and consults for various non-profits, corporations and the government. Via her writing, social media advocacy and public speaking engagements, she spearheads public health causes, including those proposing research for and creating awareness for inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and Colitis), life-saving ostomy surgery and initiatives supporting health concerns for women and racial, ethnic & sexual minorities. Tina’s aim is to normalize the rhetoric around chronic illnesses and disabilities in order to help patients own their ailments to live fuller, happier lives.

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Alicia Staley | Cancer Patient Leader

“Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion which is often fueled by love…and even by hate. It was the hate for the cancer that was destroying her body that initially drove Alicia’s passionate fight to survive. Beating cancer once is a victory one can celebrate and then look forward to getting on with “life as usual”. But beating three different types of cancer on three different occasions is a miracle and a gift that gives a survivor like Alicia a new kind of vision, a new kind of passion, one driven by the love for other people, one of empathy and the desire to be their advocate when they become a patient.”

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Rosey – PND and Me | Postpartum Depression Patient Leader

“PND and Me is a maternal mental health peer support network that I founded in 2014, after experiencing antenatal and postnatal depression with my three children. I run a weekly Twitter chat #PNDHour every Wednesday 8-9pm. This is a peer support group that has connected 1000s of people affected by maternal mental illness. We aim to connect, support and empower mothers in their own journey.”

Rebecca Lombardo | Mental Health Patient Leader

“From time to time, I still struggle with depression and anxiety. If I’m having a bad day, I am open and honest when I share it on social media so others know they can too. I’m very happy with the direction my advocacy is headed. I hope to help more people every day.”

Learn more about how Rebecca is impacting her community.

I Remember Better | Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Leader

From a documentary to art workshops and beyond, I Remember Better When I Paint is having a major impact on lives affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. On Twitter, the weekly #AlzChat gives dementia caregivers community and a place to discuss important topics.

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These 10 Patient Leaders prove you can do a lot with a little. Follow them for a masterclass in making 280 characters stretch!

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