Announcing the 2020 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board

Last year proved to be a revolutionary year for patient leaders. From the release of our WEGO Health platform allowing us to engage more WEGO Health patient leaders than ever before, to recognizing the WEGO Health Award winners on healthcare’s biggest stage, 2019 was a year dedicated to bringing powerful concepts to life.

In doing so, we must give a big thanks to our  2019 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board for putting many of these new programs and offerings into motion this last year. This distinguished group of leaders played a key role in offering ideas, feedback, and support for the Patient Leader Network.

Year after year, our Patient Advisory Board continues to guide us in all we do. We truly feel that our work with the advisory board keeps us honest and ensures the patient leader voice is incorporated into everything we do.

As we begin this new year, it is with great excitement and pride that we announce our 2020 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board! This panel is a subset of our 2019 WEGO Health Award Winners and as some of the world’s leading patient leaders, we’re eager to learn from their insights and experiences.

Click on each of the Patient Leader’s photos below to learn more about them and be sure to connect with them on social media.


The 2020 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board



Cheers to a new year, new goals and an unstoppable Patient Leader Advisory board- we’re ready to see where 2020 takes us all! 


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