What Do Patient Leaders Get Paid?

This question was extremely difficult to answer. Our community of patient leaders, while not “new” to the services they provide, are not as vast as many other fields–like surgeons, or accountants, or even novelists. There has been little public research on the topic.

Fortunately, WEGO Health is one of the largest patient leader networks in existence and we were able to go straight to the source to survey advocates about what they have earned for different projects and tasks as well as longer-term work with regular clients.

In our new course, Charing for Your Expertise as a Patient Leader, we break down the real numbers on what members of our community are paid for things like:

  • Speaking Engagements
  •  Surveys
  • Patient Leader Advisory Boards
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts
  • Participating in Virtual Insights or Marketing Groups

We also took notes on whether or not patients would accept gigs that asked them to pay for conference fees or didn’t pay them per diems or cover their travel expenses.

Want a sneak peek of some of the research?

Here’s how patient leaders responded to the question, “How much were are you paid for speaking engagements?”


Want more insights on what you should charge? Take the course and know your worth.

There are so many questions patient leaders have about how to find clients, how to help clients find them, how to represent themselves as a professional, what to charge, how to request payment, and how to manage their advocacy as a business – the list goes on and on! We’re here to help answer those questions. With the help of the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network, we’ve compiled this free, online course to help you get started.

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