4 Common Pain Points Influencers Face in Video Creation

If you’ve ever watched a video from a patient advocate that made you stop, think and listen–you know that the power of change can start by simply pressing record! WEGO Health’s new Video Basics for Patient Leaders Course helps patient leaders transition their message and mission into thought-provoking and enjoyable to watch videos.

It’s easy to be intimidated by the equipment, lighting, and process of making a video, but it’s actually much easier than you might think. This course helps to break down the first steps and helps makes sense of the common obstacles that stop patient leaders in their tracks. Here are some of the most common problems advocates faced when getting their on-camera advocacy started.


1. Finding the right equipment to film and record with

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality video! Many patient leaders think they’ll have to immediately cash out for a high quality camera, professional tripod, and expensive lighting. Our course shows you how to use equipment you already have on hand– like your smartphone and natural lighting to get a great shot. We also point you towards affordable equipment and show you how to set it up.


2. Setting up their backdrop to look tidy and professional

No need for a green screen, but you might want to clean up your background to make it look sharp and professional. We’ll give you a few examples of what you should and shouldn’t have in your shot to keep the focus on YOU and not on the background. You’ll want to strike a balance between clean and simple, but not boring and inorganic.


3. Pacing yourself to make sure you stay enthusiastic and engaged throughout filming

It can be trying to sit in front of the camera for hours on end, recording the same lines over and over. This course will teach you how to pace yourself and give you simple tips for streamlining the filming process. Before you ever hit record, you’ll be ready to film your video as efficiently as possible.


4. Figuring out how to relay your message in a way that will be enjoyable to watch and share

Once you’ve set up the perfect shot, you’ll have to make sure the message you deliver is engaging and has a strong call to action. We’ll show you how to craft a memorable script and hit all your talking points while remaining conversational.


Lights, Camera, Confidence!

Learn how to make videos that make a difference.

Take the free full course on kick-starting your video channel. You’ll learn more about the kind of equipment you’ll need, how to use it and great tips for getting comfortable on camera. Take the free, online course on the WEGO Health platform.

The course is open to anyone looking to record their journey into advocacy. Complete the educational course online, on your own time.

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