Introducing WEGO Health’s Premier Destination For Patient Leaders

Introducing WEGO Health’s New Destination For Patient Leaders

Today we’re ecstatic to announce the unveiling of the industry’s first eLearning and collaboration platform for advocates, influencers and healthcare collaborators. 

The new WEGO Health platform connects patient thought leaders to enhance knowledge-sharing, skill-building and industry collaboration.

For years, the Patient Leader Network has been yearning for a one-stop-shop to support their growth as effective Patient Leaders. Before today, there was no single destination to find the resources, empowerment, and connections needed to establish yourself as a credible source in the online health community.

I personally understand the frustrations of this gap intimately. In 2012, after many years of challenging health issues, I decided to step up and start sharing my story—but I had no idea where to start.

The Journey To Becoming A Patient Leader

In my early days, I watched on the sidelines to see if I could pick up what others were doing and learn from experience. 

I followed well-known online advocates like Christine Miserandino and Barby Ingle hoping to pick up a few pointers from their work. Reaching out to powerhouses in my condition like Britt (Hurt Blogger) and Arthritis Ashley, I tried to learn the lay of the land. I aligned myself with organizations such as The Arthritis Foundation and the National Psoriasis Foundation and volunteered my time to network.

Taking googling to a new level, I searched for companies and conferences looking for patients and started signing up for anything and everything I could find. I joined the Society for Participatory Medicine, WEGO Health and numerous others, not really knowing what I was joining but doing it because it seemed good to associate myself with as many organizations as I could.

I spent countless hours writing on my blog, posting on my social channels and trying to get my message out there. Back then, I gave away so much of my time and insight for free. I constantly was looking for a destination that could show me the ropes and connect me with others to learn from. 

Introducing WEGO Health’s New Platform

Over the past few years, WEGO Health has significantly grown our investment in our network, recognizing the millions of patients and caregivers out there who want to be effective online advocates.

With the assistance of our 2018 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board and 2019 Patient Leader Advisory Board members, we set out to bring to life an eLearning platform to empower those patients and caregivers looking for help, resources, and credibility.

Using proven design methodologies, we worked extensively with over 1,000 Patient Leaders to shape the new WEGO Health platform’s design and features. 

In our comprehensive needs analysis, we identified the three top needs of patient leaders:

1) A reliable way to find and connect with other advocates 

2) Courses and certifications to support their skills development as advocates, influencers and healthcare collaborators

3) A simple way to find opportunities to collaborate with healthcare organizations and to be compensated for their time and expertise

The new WEGO Health platform is now a one-stop-shop for all three of these challenges. In other words, it will help all of the existing and aspiring advocates out there to create their own path to effective advocacy. 

The platform enables members of WEGO Health’s network to complete expert-led courses designed to strengthen essential advocacy skills and to interact with other patient leaders through online forums. It also offers secure access to paid opportunities with healthcare companies seeking to tap the insights and expertise of patient leaders. 

The courses on the platform are created and curated by subject matter experts covering topics such as FTC guidelines for patient influencers, community-building through social media, and effective telling of their own health story. 

One thing we learned from our analysis is that empowered patients and caregivers want to learn from other leaders in the space. Once you log onto the platform, you’ll see that many courses are created by Patient Leaders within the network. We’re collaborating with top Patient Leaders to leverage their strengths and areas of expertise to bring fellow network members monthly courses designed to add to your Patient Leader skillset.

Truly this platform’s primary goal is to empower patients to become the best advocates they can be. It’s driven by WEGO Health’s shared passion to use patient experiences and knowledge to transform our healthcare system into one that is far more human-centered than it is today.

Learn, Connect And Grow With WEGO Health

Today as we release our labor of love into the world, we want you to know we’re just getting started! Each month we’ll be rolling out new courses and content. Our new WEGO Health platform will be an ever-changing destination to keep our Patient Leader Network engaged and involved. 

We invite you to log in and look around! Check out the content, try out some of the courses and please let us know your feedback. 

Not a WEGO Health Patient Leader Network member yet? No problem! Take a moment to create a free account

Whether you’ve been advocating for years or you’re just starting to think about sharing your story, there’s something for everyone on our new platform. 

Learn, connect and grow by leaning into the expertise of over 100,000 Patient Leaders who make up the Patient Leader Network

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