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It’s Time to Make a Bigger Dent

Every company reinvents itself.

Sometimes it’s skin-deep, like rolling out a new logo or a bolder mission statement. Other times, it fundamentally changes how a company solves problems and achieves a social impact.

In the twelve years since I founded WEGO Health, the process of reinvention has never really stopped.

That’s not to say it has always been deliberate and predictable. On the contrary. The “great recession” of 2008 hit us like a freight train before we’d even reached our first anniversary. Like any early stage company, we’ve weathered our share of storms.

But today is different.

Today’s reinvention is as deliberate and planned as any we’ve undertaken. While I’m obviously biased, I genuinely believe it is the most exciting leap forward in our twelve-year history.

Here’s why.

First, we’re rolling out an industry-first solution that builds on our greatest strength – the trusted bond we have with over 100,000 Patient Leaders who are passionately committed to healthcare transformation.

Second, this is a solution we’ve had the opportunity to pressure-test with our partners, some of the world’s leading life sciences companies. We’ve seen how it works, why it works, and how to measure success.

Third, this is a solution that promises to transform the way healthcare companies collaborate with not just one, but thousands of patient opinion leaders and influencers, to drive patient awareness and activation at the speed of social.

Every aspect of our new solution is guided by the same commitment to patient-driven innovation that has propelled WEGO Health to where it is today. It has three key pillars.

The first is our new Discovery Lab, which consists of “always-on” digital tools to capture insights from patient leaders at scale.

The Discovery Lab facilitates everything from quick-strike research using our smartphone-enabled Truvio app, to immersive – yet virtual – Patient Leader summits using our new Patient Co-Lab. The Discovery Lab ensures that every initiative we take on with our partners is driven by the voice of the patient community.

The second pillar is our new Content Studio, which streamlines the creation of original, Patient Leader-driven content, such as short-form videos, social posts, interactive Q&A, and blogs.

Unlike traditional health media companies, we’re channeling and scaling content at the speed of social by tapping the expertise and passion of social media’s power builders in online communities.

The Content Studio ensures that patient-facing content is infused with authenticity, empathy and trust – three things every life sciences company needs to build a stronger connection with patients.

The third pillar is our Activation Engine, which combines our trusted brand, our proprietary influencer data, and best practices in social media promotion to activate patient communities at scale.

The Activation Engine takes patient-driven social media marketing to a whole new level. By leveraging the voice and reach of trusted patient influencers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it serves as a massive, high-impact foundation for major life sciences DTC programs.

These three pillars work together as an integrated solution for campaigns that are both mass-scale and performance-guaranteed.

As Steve Jobs once memorably said, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?”

With this latest reinvention, our goal is to make that dent bigger than ever.

To learn more and request a case study demonstrating how this new offering has delivered results for our pharma partners, click here.


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