WEGO Health Patient Leader Inspiration

2018 – where has the time gone?

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we published a blog post honoring Patient Leader 2017 accomplishments?

Year after year, we’re continuously inspired

by the Leaders in our Patient Leader Network.

Through #WEGOHealthChats, our closed Patient Leader Facebook Group, conferences, working on a sponsor program and everywhere in between, we find connecting one on one with each of you is the best part of our job.

Each day the WEGO Health team strives to empower the patient voice and ensure that our Patient Leaders are at the forefront of the healthcare industry’s mind.

In living out our mission, it’s so easy to be inspired by our group of more than 100k Network members.

Take for example, Marla Murasko. This year she launched her nonprofit Special & Determined to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and to help families financially with the costs of therapies.

Or Jason Schulz, who worked hard this year to collaborate with a healthcare app company and has recently taken a role to help with an initiative for Men with Fibromyalgia.

And don’t forget about Heather von St James, who was contacted by Soledad O’Brien and appeared on her show A Matter of Fact.

Or HIV Patient Leader Tez Anderson, who was featured on the Today show for the tremendous impact he’s making in his community.

And how could we not mention this year’s WEGO Health Award Winners!

Chrisa Hickey winning the HealtheVoices Impact fund Award, Kyle Smith outdoing himself month after month with his Check Fifteen videos, Natalie Beavers winning an Award from Sunovion and Kristal Kent starting a new venture focused on Veterans with Fibromyalgia. And that’s only a handful of the winner’s accomplishments!

This year we worked with countless Patient Leaders here at WEGO Health.

Between working with Patient Leaders like Greg Merrit and Andrea Abramowitz on videos for the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), Rick Davis and Todd Seals for Prostate Cancer videos and meeting up in real life at conferences with Patient Leaders like Maria Victoria Ferro, Dima Hendricks, and Stacey Chillemi– it’s so darn motivating.

The hundreds of other Patient Leaders we interacted with through our programs like Truvio studies, interviews and community insight groups in Menopause, Asthma, Hemophilia, Multiple Myeloma, Hyperammonemia, Postpartum Depression, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, ITP, Opioid Addiction, Alzheimer’s, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriasis, Knee Replacements, Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, HIV, SMA, Rheumatoid Arthritis – just to name a FEW.

Each one of these leaders brought insights

that will help impact all patients.

From battling your own health challenges to helping your loved ones through difficult diagnoses – each of you come out stronger and determined to connect with and help others.

The stories that you share are invaluable and inspiring.

We hear you.

We see you.

And we’re determined to help amplify your story so that the world knows each and every one of you.

Through our interactions with our Patient Leader Network, there is one resoundingly clear message:

The Patient Leaders we work with are nothing short of heroes.

We all know that the superheroes on TV and the silver screen have a theme song that pumps them up to take on the world.

So, we asked our Patient Leader Connection Facebook Group: if you had to choose a song to be your patient advocacy theme song, what would it be? What is the one song that motivates you to get out there and be the change you want to see in the world?

What we ended up with was the ultimate inspirational playlist, created by input from WEGO Health and the members of our Facebook Group.

So this year, when you’re looking for motivation to get out there and make a difference, turn on this playlist that gets our heroes going and see what happens!

We believe in you and know through your

actions you truly can change the world.

Spoiler alert: the first song in the playlist was actually created by Patient Leader Barby Ingle and Ken Taylor’s International Pain of Foundation. 


What song would you add to the list as your Patient Leader theme song? Make sure to comment below!

Disclaimer: I was listening to the playlist while I was writing this post and can’t even tell you how amped up it got me! This is definitely a playlist you’re going to want to follow and share.

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