In the News: Patient Influencer Marketing’s Coming of Age

Influencer marketing is no longer just the purview of celebrities. Patient influencers have the trust of their small but passionate audience on social media. And, pharma is now catching on that these micro-influencers offer significant value when it comes to gathering insight, boosting engagement, and even maximizing patient conversions. Jack Barrette spoke with Kate Sheridan of Stat News about this industry trend that WEGO Health is happy to be a part of.

For a life sciences company looking to connect with a patient influencer, the size of the patient influencer’s audience isn’t necessarily the highest priority. As Barrette puts it, patient influencers with modest audiences “can have a dramatic impact on people’s behavior.” For pharma, working with patient influencers offers a high return-on-investment, especially when compared to traditional advertising. The article cites WEGO Health client Sunovion who saw a huge jump in earned media impressions after partnering with patient influencers.

For patient influencers, there is value in knowing their voice is being heard and in being compensated for their time. Anne Marie Ciccarella, a member of our patient leader network, describes that payment varies depending on the project, but stresses that WEGO Health pushes to make sure patient influencers are compensated fairly.

Influencer marketing for pharma is not without its challenges. Regulatory challenges and ethical concerns need to be considered. Visit Stat for the full story and to learn more about the way patient influencers are transforming the pharma industry.

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