In The News: The Patient-Collaborator Movement Hits Pharma

Some players in the life science industry have seen certain patient groups as antagonists in the past but the tide is turning. Our founder and CEO, Jack Barrette, recently spoke with MedCityNews about the movement to recast patients as collaborators. This idea has long been at the heart of the WEGO Health mission, but Jack explained that the industry is finally starting to understand the value of patient collaboration.

Jack describes how WEGO Health has developed a business model that offers value to both companies and patients. In addition to tapping into a vast network of patient leaders to work with companies on product design, promotion and more, WEGO Health also offers the power of connection. Being part of the more than 100,000 patients that make up the WEGO Health network, patients are finding value in the networking opportunities they are afforded with other patients. They also receive value by having a voice in matters important to them, as well as being compensated for their input and insights.

In 2018, the majority of companies in the healthcare industry have recognized that patient-centricity should be an important priority. But as Jack puts it, “Patient-centricity isn’t just a word.” Seeing more companies recognize the actual value that patients bring to the table is encouraging. Visit Med City News for the full story.

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