2018 WEGO Health Awards Ceremony at the Connected Health Conference

During the year, those of us at WEGO Health have the opportunity to work with countless Patient Leaders and connect them with healthcare companies who are looking for patients insights and collaboration. Each and every one of us here at WEGO Health loves the work we do and find absolute joy every time we launch a new promo, insight group or Truvio study.

But when it comes to the WEGO Health Awards, well, that love for our work is amplified 10 fold.

I mean, just look at the 16 WEGO Health Awards Winners in this video along with several of the finalists. It’s impossible NOT to be in love with every aspect of this program!



The WEGO Health Awards Program

What sets WEGO Health apart from 99.99% of other companies out there is that every single one of us believes in the power of patient stories and, to the core, we are invested in helping your message be heard. From our sales and account management teams to the creative and digital teams – each of us has chosen to work at WEGO Health because we personally believe in the power of Patient Leaders.

The WEGO Health Awards started in 2011 as a vision to recognize the Patient Leaders that work tirelessly, most times without recognition, advocating to change the world and make it a better place for current and future patients.

We realized the need to give back to the community and we knew we had to step in and give praise and recognition where it was due.

For 7 years now, we’ve worked diligently here to execute the WEGO Health Awards to the best of our ability. The blood, sweat and tears we pour into this awards program is something that we’re all so proud of.

You may see Kristen Long and I on the Facebook lives and interacting in the Facebook Group, but the Patient Leader Network has no idea how many hands are really helping on the back end.

From Josh Pyle our Head of Digital Marketing, Julia Cianella our Sales Director, Caitlyn D’Agati our Client Services Manager, to Sue Daum our Customer Engagement Manager– everyone at WEGO Health plays a role in the WEGO Health Awards.

Without Andrew Hopper WEGO Health’s Chief Technology Officer, we wouldn’t have a platform to run the WEGO Health Awards on.

If we didn’t have Hawk Visuals we wouldn’t have had the amazingly impressive videos this year for our Finalists, Winners and Wrap up Video.

And without the support of our fearless leader Jack Barrette, we wouldn’t have the vision (and budget!) to put on the production to support and recognize our community.

Last year, we were absolutely thrilled when World Congress gave us the opportunity to share the stage at their 5th Annual Patient Advocacy Summit to celebrate and recognize our 2017 WEGO Health Award Winners.

This year, because of the hard work of our Chief Strategy Officer David Goldsmith, we were able to present our 2018 WEGO Health Award Winners on the main stage at Connected Health. WEGO Health is a proud member of the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) and admires their desire to make this year’s conference a #PatientsIncluded conference!


2018 WEGO Health Awards

The 7th Annual WEGO Health Awards commenced back in May with a call for nominations. Little did we know that when we kicked off this year’s program we’d have more than 4,000 nominations!

During July and August, the public had their chance to show their support through the endorsement phase. Together, the community shared over 30,000 endorsements for the nominees. The top 3 endorsed nominees within each category become automatic finalists.

August and September we conducted our rigorous judging phase which is split into 2 distinct phases. The first is comprised of over 100 Patient Leader Network members judging the nominees to select 2 additional finalists to round out the top 5 finalists. And the second phase is when the 5 finalists within each category are handed over to our distinguished judging panel and the winner is selected.

We hold a virtual ceremony to give away the WEGO Health Awards because our nominees span across the globe! This year it took place September 26-28th, 2018 on the WEGO Health social channels.

During the ceremony, we celebrated the 80 WEGO Health Awards finalists and announced the 16 WEGO Health Awards Winners. The WEGO Health Awards Winners won a fantastic prize pack which included admittance to the Society for Participatory Medicine Conference and the 2018 Connected Health Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.


2018 WEGO Health Awards Live Celebration

The fun kicked off with the Society for Participatory Medicine’s 2nd Annual Conference: Democratizing Healthcare. The WEGO Health Awards Winners had the opportunity to attend sessions focused on patient-centered care, data privacy and how you live as a patient.

That evening we celebrated and met with hundreds of other attendees at the Connected Health Reception. It was a wonderful evening of great music, food, drinks and most importantly connections!

Thursday, October 18th is a day that everyone at WEGO Health had been looking forward to since we first kicked off this year’s program! It was the day we were able to honor the 2018 WEGO Health Awards Winners live, in person on the main stage at the Connected Health Conference. It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with these WEGO Health Award Winners and to honor them with their physical award.

This year, Hawk Visuals helped us in bring our live ceremony to our online Facebook community. Streaming live, those not in the room were able to join in and celebrate these exceptional Patient Leaders as well.

WEGO Health Awards 2018

Watch as Jack Barrette and Julie Croner, along with a few special guests from UPMC, Society for Participatory Medicine, and Personal Connected Health Alliance, present this year’s WEGO Health Awards Winners on the main stage at #Connect2Health.

Posted by WEGO Health on Thursday, October 18, 2018


After the WEGO Health Awards presentation, we had the opportunity to catch up with the Winners and take a few interviews. Make sure to watch some of the clips below:

WEGO Health Awards 2018 | Winner Interviews

WEGO Health Awards 2018 | Winner Interviews

Posted by WEGO Health on Thursday, October 18, 2018


The whole event was such a fun experience to be a part of. From getting to spend quality time with our 2018 WEGO Health Awards Winners Chrisa Hickey, Kristal Kent, Beth Francis and Andy Clark, Justin Birckbichler, Amanda Greene, and Efstathia Koliopoulos to our WEGO Health Awards Grand Prize Winner Ken Taylor, we had an absolute blast in Boston!

We invite you to relive the fun with us and take a scroll through our photo gallery.



Thank You

We’d love to end this WEGO Health Awards season by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for taking the time to nominate those who deserve to be recognized. Thank you for endorsing those Patient Leaders who you look to for information. And thank you for engaging with us during our Virtual and Live ceremonies.

The WEGO Health team has had a blast this year and look forward to 2019 for our next WEGO Health Awards cycle.

Until then, make sure to check out our 2018 WEGO Health Awards nominees and follow some new Patient Leaders! These are the cream of the crop folks.

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