Presenting The 2018 WEGO Health Award Winners

Year after year, the WEGO Health Awards remind us just how powerful the online health community is. With over 4,000 nominations and over 30,0000 endorsements, it’s safe to say we were able to recognize more Patient Leaders than ever before!

We’re honored to recognize and celebrate the individuals making a change in healthcare, one tweet, one post, or one conference, at a time. Be sure to view the nominee directory to get inspired by all the 2018 nominees and take a moment to check out the celebration video recap below. WARNING: The video below may cause happy tears and insane amounts of inspiration!



2018 WEGO Health Award Recipients


Advocating For Another – Winner:

Chrisa Hickey

Best In Show: Blog – Winner:

Ronny Allan


Best In Show: Community- Winner:

Lee Good


Best In Show: Facebook – Winner:

Kristal Kent


Best In Show: Instagram – Winner:

Baylee | @anxietysupport

Best In Show: Podcast – Winner:

Sickboy Podcast


Best In Show: Twitter – Winner:

Ashley Levinson Sells 


Best In Show: YouTube – Winner:

Check 15


Best Kept Secret – Winner:

Amber Wallace


Best Team Performance – Winner:

Beth Francis & Andy Clark 


Healthcare Collaborator: Company – Winner:

ViiV Healthcare


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient – Winner:

Amanda Greene


Hilarious Patient Leader – Winner:

Justin Birckbichler



Lifetime Achievement – Winner:

Natalie Y. Beavers


Patient Leader Hero – Winner:

Kristal Kent

Rookie of the Year – Winner:

Efstathia Koliopoulus


Congratulations winners, finalists, and all of the 2018 WEGO Health Award nominees!

Your work does not go unnoticed. To view all of the WEGO Health Awards videos, including all of the finalists, please check out our 2018 WEGO Health Awards YouTube Playlist.

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