In the News: Harlow On Healthcare Discusses Patient-Centered Solutions with David Goldsmith

On the Harlow on Healthcare radio show and podcast, host David Harlow chats with healthcare innovation leaders. Earlier this summer, David Goldsmith was his featured guest. Speaking about David’s role as Chief Strategy Officer at WEGO Health, the two Davids discuss the specific ways WEGO Health is helping to connect life sciences companies with patient thought leaders and influencers. David explains why moving to a patient-centered approach is good for both the organization and the market. Organizations that fail to embrace patient centricity, David argues, “see more friction in the marketing and patient engagement side of their work.” The impact of these market forces, plus significant regulatory changes from the FDA, are helping to drive change in the industry.

The conversation includes many examples of patient-led innovation. When organizations partner with patients throughout a product life cycle, good things happen. Examples David brings up during the discussion include tech-savvy rheumatoid arthritis patients helping to design an Alexa skill, HCPs bringing patients in to sit on advisory boards, organizations hiring patients to create content for new online patient communities, and Gaucher disease patient influencers helping with research recruitment.

While the conversation focuses on encouraging and positive developments, the Facebook privacy issue is touched on briefly. David speaks of the many patient leaders who find Facebook too valuable to leave behind. He describes how these savvy influencers are using the platform as trusted patient voices to help educate other patients on privacy best practices.

Human-centered design is catching on in healthcare and WEGO Health loves being part of it. Take a listen to David Goldsmith’s conversation with David Harlow and hear for yourself what has us so enthusiastic and optimistic.

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