In the News: How Merck Values Patient Centricity

Plenty of healthcare companies talk about patient centricity, but in many cases, it’s just a buzzword without much action. On the other hand, Merck values patient centricity and has taken steps to make sure they are following-through on their dedication to true patient centricity. Chris Round, Merck’s Executive Vice President, recently shared with pharmaphorum some of Merck’s objectives and how they are working to meet them.

The objectives Round shares are fully in line with our vision at WEGO Health for how life sciences companies and patients can work together. Merck’s patient centricity objectives include identifying unmet patient needs, collaborating with patients, involving patients during the different regulatory steps of developing a therapy, and involving patients in the design of improved healthcare systems. To meet these objectives, Merck is focusing on building long-term relationships with patient organizations while fostering trust, respect, and transparency.

As he wraps up, Round describes Merck’s focus on patient centricity as being at the very core of their business. His message isn’t just hot air, as Merck has taken several important steps toward achieving their objectives. This includes the launching of the Patient 360°Summit in 2017 as well as starting various initiatives and task groups to partner with patients and caregivers. In recognition of this work, Merck was awarded this year with the Most Influential Patient Advocacy Initiative Award from the World Congress and WEGO Health. We found Merck a worthy recipient for this award because of the steps they have taken to listen to, learn from, and involve patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups.

Visit pharmaphorum to see how Merck is stepping up for patients and how you might incorporate similar objectives into your business. Perhaps your patient-centric company will be recognized in the 2019 Patient Choice Awards.

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