In the News: WEGO Health’s Evolution From Vision to Impact

Do you want to know how WEGO Health got started? Our founder, Jack Barrette, sat down recently with Unity Stoakes to discuss some of the company’s backstory on the StartUp Health Now show. During their discussion, Jack shares WEGO Health’s evolution from vision to impact. He goes into detail with a description of WEGO Health’s vision, defines what makes patient leaders special, and describes how we are able to operate using a sustainable business model.

We might be biased, but we think Jack’s enthusiasm in this conversation is infectious. He gets particularly excited about the possibilities of digital health. After all, technology is what allows us to connect with 125K+ patient thought leaders representing a range of health conditions. Jack envisions a myriad of ways in which tech can improve the healthcare system. The future of healthcare is exciting, especially as we start to see more and more companies recognize the value of patient power.

So, what’s special about patient leaders? It’s their unique voice, one Jack describes as being a blend of empathy and information. The patient leader voice is one that other patients can trust and one which offers support. We think that’s truly special.


Check out Jack’s conversation with Unity on the StartUp Health YouTube channel.

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