In The News: Why Healthcare Needs Patient Leaders

WEGO Health CEO Jack Barrette recently spoke with Becker’s Hospital Review about the power of patient leaders. During the interview, Jack didn’t hesitate to call out some of the problems he sees in the healthcare industry, especially toward the goal of being patient-centered. “Most health systems continue to innovate for patients, instead of with patients,” Jack argues, stressing that including patients at every step of the development lifecycle is vital. More and more, we are seeing why healthcare needs patient leaders.

WEGO Health’s mission is all about championing patients, for the benefit of both patient communities and the healthcare systems that serve them. Health systems have big incentives for partnering with patients, both financial and otherwise. Jack talks about how patients can help transform healthcare in ways that improve upon the patient experience. The perspective of the patient offers fresh insight and clarity: “Patient-driven innovation is what happens when you bring patients to the table as peers, as co-creators and fellow collaborators.”

Driving the point home, Jack shares a story of a recent successful example of patient-driven innovation. A hospital client of WEGO Health faced unmet needs for epilepsy patients. Bringing in an epilepsy patient leader to be part of the solution was a big success: “The patient is now a member of the advisory board and is as integral to the design process as the clinicians, researchers, and health IT team.”

Stories like this one always fire us up. It’s exciting to see healthcare start to take notice and begin to partner with patients. WEGO Health is proud to help connect those patient leaders and the healthcare companies in need of patient expertise.


Read the full interview here.

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