#PatientLeader Webinar: Platform Power Tips for Patient Leaders- Twitter

It’s not easy doing amazing things in only 280 characters – creating easily digestible thoughts can be difficult with health stories and research! Yet there are some Patient Leaders who truly excel at it.

In this #PatientLeader webinar, we’re sitting down with 3 top tweeters in the Patient Leader Network to hear their best practices, favorite features and go-to apps that help aide a stronger presence on Twitter. Whether you’re a newbie on Twitter or a long-term tweeter, this is the perfect chance to add some tools to your Twitter toolbelt!



Don’t Miss:

  • Discover the best times and content to engage with your community- the answer may surprise you!
  • Brainstorm different ways to utilize the platform; setting a theme or goal can be a helpful start but don’t be surprised if it changes over time.
  • Hear top tips for engaging with your followers- whether it’s through Direct Message, Twitter chats or trending topics personally engaging with your followers is a must!
  • Learn about the different capabilities of applications that can help streamline your Twitter process

We’ve compiled all of the Twitter tips discussed in this webinar and more into a Patient Leader Tipsheet: Twitter edition.

Learn the features you need to be taking advantage of, tips for engaging with your audience and the best tools and applications for having a successful Twitter feed.


Looking to share this webinar with your followers? Click HERE to auto-tweet this messageLooking for some Twitter tips to build your community? Check out this #PatientLeader webinar with @MustStopMS, @TiffanyKairos, & @absotTC 


Meet The Hosts


Randy Patrick
MS Patient Leader @MustStopMS
After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, Randy Patrick had made it his mission to raise awareness and provide support for the MS Community. He started the 3rd party group “Must Stop MS!” and now hosts weekly Twitter and Facebook chats named #ChatMS every Monday. He aims to bring the MS community together and do everything he can to get rid of misconceptions and prevent others from feeling lost or alone.”


Tiffany Kairos
Epilepsy Patient Leader @TiffanyKairos
Diagnosed with epilepsy, as an advocate for the cause, Tiffany finds it a mission and passion to raise awareness, shatter stigma, and offer encouragement to others to rise above the challenges of epilepsy. She is the founder of the Organization and online community, The Epilepsy Network (TEN) – Located on popular social media platforms including: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Her blog “The Epilepsy Journey” speaks of her journey living with epilepsy as well as motivational and inspirational epilepsy-related content for all who are affected by the condition. “Don’t let epilepsy defeat you, let it inspire you.” – Tiffany ♥



Justin Birckbichler
Cancer & Men’s Health Patient Leader @absotTC
Justin Birckbichler is a men’s health activist, testicular cancer survivor, and the founder of aBallsySenseofTumor.com. From being diagnosed in November 2016 at the age of 25, to finishing chemo in January 2017, to being cleared in remission in March, he has been passionate about sharing his story to spread awareness about testicular cancer and promote open conversation about men’s health.


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