Patient Leader #FollowFriday – July 6th, 2018

Endorsements for the 2018 WEGO Health Awards open next week and we are so incredibly excited for the next phase of this awards cycle. Before we start narrowing down our finalist, let’s take a minute to throw back to some of our finalists from last year. Each week we introduce you to three Patient Leaders you may not know and encourage you to go follow them, learn about their conditions, and network together. Our voices are so much louder when we stand together!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Leslie Krongold

Myotonic Dystrophy Patient Leader

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“I advocate for myotonic dystrophy because it’s a rare disease, has no recognized treatment, and I believe a regimen of self-care behaviors helps us lead more quality-filled lives. I advocate for all people with chronic health conditions because I believe there’s much we can do to mitigate symptoms and lead lives of quality and dignity.”


Lilly Stairs

Crohn’s Disease and Psoriatic Arthritis Patient Leader

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“My reason for being was ignited in 2011 when I was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions – Crohn’s disease and psoriatic arthritis. From the time I was in the hospital bed, I knew that this was my life’s mission, to advocate for autoimmune patients so that someday, no one would have to undergo the pain and suffering myself and my loved ones endured. From this time forward, I have dedicated my personal and professional life to patient advocacy. In addition to running my blog and social media centered around the patient experience, I launched the 50 Cents for 50 Million campaign to raise awareness and funds for patients battling autoimmune diseases. I now serve on the board of the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA). I also serve as the Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara Health, a startup making it easier for patients to get access to breakthrough treatments and clinical trials. I actively work across industry to encourage digital health companies to work with patient advocates from day one.”


Natalie Dawson

Mental Health Patient Leader

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“I advocate for all mental illnesses and invisible illnesses/disabilities. Since early age, I have suffered from mental health problems. Initially I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 16 years old, and it wasn’t until I was 26, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, OSFED, and Dermatillomania. Most recently, hypothyroidism and migraines with aura. I have friends with many invisible illnesses, ranging from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, borderline personality disorder, chronic migraines, schizoaffective disorder, multiple sclerosis, etc… I realized we had two things in common – Stigma and loneliness. I noticed there were plenty of organizations raising awareness for either just mental illnesses or other invisible illnesses/disabilities, and not many raised awareness both. I want everyone to unite and fight stigma together. Alone, we are struggling to get the message out, but together, we can make a difference. No one should feel alone. No one should be made to feel like an outcast. This is why I created my page, Mental Health and Invisible Illness Resources. To spread awareness, educate, support, provide up to date news, information and coping skills. Our moto is ‘Aiming To Unite All In This Fight!'”



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