In The News: The Rise of Patient Experts in Healthcare Innovation

Recently, our own Jack Barrette sat down virtually with Neil Hughes, creator and host of Tech Blog Writer podcast. Based in UK, Neil discusses issues surrounding technology and the effect it can have on our lives. His podcast features interviews with business leaders from diverse industries all over the globe. Now he discusses the rise of patient experts in healthcare innovation.

WEGO Health’s With a network of over 100,000 Patient Leaders spanning virtually every health condition and interest area, WEGO Health is truly in a class of its own. Patient Leaders are individuals who take their experience – whether personal or through extensive subject matter research – to the next level. They advocate for patients through their social channels and have a profound influence on how others navigate their health and health care. In some cases, they combine their business acumen with their advocacy work and collaborate with healthcare companies as patient experts.

Patient Experts in Healthcare Innovation: Thacher and Dakota

Such is the case with Thacher, a Type 1 diabetes Patient Leader who writes software code.  She created her own artificial pancreas. Or take Dakota, a hemophilia Patient Leader who built an app to log his treatments, order supplies, and communicate with doctors. These are just two examples of extraordinary Patient Leaders Jack highlights in his podcast with Neil.

By working with Patient Leaders, WEGO Health brings a trusted patient voice to pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, startups, agencies, and all types of organizations across healthcare. Historically, there has been a great divide between patients and companies in the healthcare industry. WEGO Health bridges that divide through the efforts of its vast network.

But this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. To hear about the wonderful work being done by WEGO Health and the Patient Leaders within its network, listen in to the podcast. It’s 30 minutes very well-spent.

For more information on WEGO Health and the impact of Patient Leaders in healthcare, check out the website.

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