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How The WEGO Health Awards Work

Originally coined the “WEGO Health Activist Awards,” the WEGO Health Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: To empower Patient Leaders. We connect with countless patient advocates, influencers, and experts who are helping others and transforming healthcare – often without any formal recognition.

Since the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network is centered around these healthcare transformers, we knew it was up to us to celebrate their accomplishments. From this need to celebrate the Leaders who make a difference, the WEGO Health Awards were born.

Since its inception in 2011, the WEGO Health Awards have proven to be one of the best ways to connect the healthcare industry with top patient influencers. The WEGO Health Awards offers a way to introduce new Patient Leaders to the online community and to allow network members the opportunity to recognize and say “thank you” to the leaders they look up to.


The WEGO Health Awards are broken down into 3 Periods: 



May 29th- August 17th

The nomination period is currently open. We want to make sure all the Patient Leaders out there get recognized, so nominations will remain open until August 17th!  Please note there are no endorsements during the inital nominations period (May 29th – July 9th). Instead, feel free to retweet your nomination and share your achievement with your readers/followers. This will encourage your audience to visit the WEGO Health Awards page and potentially nominate you for multiple categories or leave a testimony on your public Awards profile. By spreading the word of the WEGO Health Awards program, we can build a better community for our members. The stronger the online health community, the stronger the patient’s voice!

Please note each nomination is manually reviewed and approved by our team to ensure the integrity of the program. Please allow 1-3 days for the nomination to process. We will then contact the nominee to alert them of their nomination and invite them to create a WEGO Health Awards profile for our nominee directory. Not providing an email address for the nominee will delay the notification process.

Who should be nominated? Who can win a WEGO Health Award?
How did you come up with the categories? Can I only use those to nominate someone?
How do I nominate someone?
Can I nominate myself?
How will I know if I am nominated?




July 9th – August 17th

Endorsements are a way to give nominees a visual show of support. During this period, each nominee will receive an Endorsement badge to post on their blogs.

The three nominees in each WEGO Health Award category with the highest number of endorsements automatically become finalists. So make sure your readers/followers know to endorse you – tweet it, post it, email it, blog it- just get it out there (and make sure to tag us, nothing makes us happier than some social media love).

What is an endorsement?
What happens when I endorse a nominee? Is it the same as voting?
Can I endorse more than one person?
Do likes/tweets count as endorsements?
Can I still become a finalist if I do not get a high number of endorsements?



August 20th-September 14th

We host multiple rounds of judging, after all, we receive thousands of nominations! The finalists are selected in one of two ways.

First, the top three endorsed nominees within a WEGO Health Award category automatically move on as a finalist. The subsequent two finalists are selected by our judging panelists. The judging panel is comprised of past award winners, foundations, organizations, award sponsors, and industry experts. Finalists will be selected based on their relevance to that particular award and the information provided in a nominee’s profile.

Once the top five finalists in each WEGO Health Award category have been selected, we’ll announce the finalists on our blog and then move into the second round of judging.

Top industry experts convene to review the five finalists based on their use of social media, their fit for the award for which they’ve been nominated, and how effectively they engage their online community. Judges score individually, and then WEGO Health tallies these scores to identify the winners. No one knows the winners until we make the announcement at our annual WEGO Health Awards Online Ceremony.

Note: A nominee’s community size (number of fans, followers, readers, members, etc.) will not be considered. The nominee is judged based on their content and fit for the award category.

I want to be a judge for the WEGO Health Awards. How can I do that?
Can judges be nominees or WEGO Health Award winners?
How do you pick your judges?
How do you score the nominees? What criteria do judges use when selecting semi-finalists, finalists, and winners?


More questions? Please feel free to refer to the WEGO Health Awards FAQ Page.

Looking to get involved? Check out this blog for more information on the WEGO Health Awards.

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