Patient Leader #FollowFriday – June 1st, 2018

It’s time to celebrate! The WEGO Health Awards opened this week and the nominations are rolling in. The WEGO Health team is very excited as our Awards program enables us to meet so many Patient Leaders each year.

Last year, we met the following three advocates. They serve three very unique communities, but all have the same thing in common: changing the world.

We’re so thankful for each and everyone of you and the work you do. Take a minute this Friday to learn about these three leaders and while you’re at it, nominate someone who is making positive changes in your community!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Kelli Dunham

Caregiver’s Rights Advocate

Twitter | Website | Facebook

“My advocacy for better care for LGBT people and better understanding for caregivers developed as a natural outgrowth of my own experience and the desire to do something constructive after the death of two partners to cancer and a four years dealing with a chronically infected (five surgeries and counting) total knee replacement. Advocacy –especially trying to create funny videos, zines, tweets, shows etc that make people laugh and provides info– is a choice I make every day. I make this choice because it provides meaning in the difficulty I’ve been through and because it’s either writing a funny zine or spending a week solid at the batting cage trying to work off my anger. Writing funny zine costs me much less in quarters and I can potentially help people I care about and some people I’ve never met. ”



Kimberly Burnette

Addison’s Disease Patient Leader

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“Addison’s Disease is a rare, invisible disease which is under researched and of which doctors are undereducated. When one has Addison’s Disease they are no longer able to make enough cortisol in their bodies to handle physical and emotional stresses. Most people do not fully understand what that means. As an Addison’s patient myself, I learned firsthand what that means pretty quickly. I have watched people die and suffer irreversible damage because they weren’t treated properly or in enough time. We lack emergency protocols, ways to monitor our cortisol and enough access to good medical care and advice. Action For Adrenal Awareness was born out of the desire to get crucial information out to people, to teach people how to advocate for themselves, and to form a stronger voice in the community. We try to empower Addison’s patients and caregivers, and help them deal with the emotional impact of this chronic illness.”

Kristal Kent

Fibromyalgia Patient Leader


“As a person diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I spent many years navigating the healthcare system to get an appropriate diagnosis, find knowledgeable treatment specialists, sift through misinformation about my medical condition and overcome the stigma of Fibromyalgia being a “fake disease.” My experiences led to frustration, and years of time wasted, as my condition deteriorated leaving me unable to work, countless emergency room and hospital trips and very few treatment options. From my personal experiences I decided I could do one of two things: Wallow In Pity or Use My Experiences to be a Positive Agent of Change for the Fibromyalgia Community! So, I started an annual awareness campaign “POP and PUT ON PURPLE To Promote Fibromyalgia Awareness” 4 years ago to share my Knowledge And Expertise with my friends and family along with help others battling Fibromyalgia, network with medical professionals on behalf of the FM community and bring the most up to date, correct information to my fellow Fibro Fighters Fighters. As my awareness campaign grew, I realized the most effective way I could reach out and help others, along with promote better understanding of Fibromyalgia, was to create an online community, Thus on March 20th 2017, The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles was born on Facebook. Since then, I’ve been able to reach people in 20 different countries and connect everyone together to promote cohesiveness and community among Fibro Warriors, while promoting awareness and education and understanding of Fibromyalgia! If through my advocacy efforts, I can make 1 person with Fibromyalgia feel less alone and validated, then it gives my pain purpose! Kristal @ The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles.”


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