May #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Tackling Sensitive Issues in Advocacy

Advocacy is hard enough as it is, but how do you handle spreading awareness when you have a condition that makes people uncomfortable to talk about? How do you approach the sensitive topics? In the May #WEGOHealthChat, Jackie and Kristen from the WEGO Health team talked you through bridging the gap and sharing their own experiences with “embarrassing” medical conditions.

If you’d like to read the chat transcript you can find it here or you can get an overview of the chat below.


Q1: How did you bridge the gap between “I’m uncomfortable talking about this” and “I want to be an advocate”? #WEGOHealthChat

Q2: Do you notice that other people are uncomfortable when you talk about your health condition? #WEGOHealthChat

Q3: How do you approach educating the public about sensitive topics? #WEGOHealthChat

Q4: Are there still conditions outside of your own that make you uncomfortable? How do you put yourself in check #wegohealthchat

Q5: What are some organizations or hash tags that are doing a great job at breaking stigmas about sensitive health conditions? #WEGOHealthChat

Q6: What is your advice for someone recently diagnosed with a health condition that has a lot of stigma attached to it? #WEGOHealthChat


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