Patient Leader #FollowFriday – May 4th, 2018

Last weekend was the HealtheVoices conference and I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 Patient Leaders in 40 condition areas. Was it awesome? Yes. Was it overwhelming? Yes but so worth it.

This #FollowFriday is a special one, not only because we are featuring 4 Patient Leaders, but they’re all people I met at HealtheVoices who were also nominated for a WEGO Health Award in 2017. I can’t possibly say enough good things about these 4. Take a minute to follow them and learn about their lives because they all have so much fantastic information to share.


Oh and did we mention nominations for the 2018 WEGO Health Awards open later this month?!  Get your nominations ready because once May 22nd hits, it’s going to be a nomination extravaganza! Have a great weekend, everyone.



Alisha Bridges

Psoriasis Patient Leader

Website  | Twitter | Facebook

“My Purpose Motto: I want live for more than just for myself. I want to serve for a greater purpose. I want to change people’s hearts and create compassion among people the least understood through transparency of self, psoriasis advocacy, and dermatology.”




Matt Pappas

Advocate for Survivors of Abuse

Website | Twitter | Facebook

“Advocating for survivors of trauma and mental health awareness is a passion, and a labor of love. I consider it a privilege to be able to work with those who’ve endured so much in their past, and are now trying to put their lives back together. Often times those who have been through the trauma of abuse never had a voice or the ability to share their story. Giving them that platform to share not only promotes their own healing, but also validates others who resonate with their experiences. As a survivor, feeling alone is one of the main obstacles that stand in front of healing. My podcasts, blog posts, and videos serve as a place to help overcome those barriers and reach towards a life not defined by your past, but by your amazing resiliency and potential. Everyone deserves that opportunity. ”




Eileen Davidson

RA Patient Leader

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

” I believe in the change disease awareness brings forth to those who fall victim and their families to the misfortune of chronic illness. My diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis before my 31st Birthday introduced me to the hell that is a chronic and invisible illness all while with a toddler to take care of. Mothering a small child when I could barely care for myself proved to be one of the biggest and painful challenges of my life but my love for him triumphs all. My advocacy is my way of showing him that I refuse to ever give up on us, I am a fighter. As a mother my heart breaks knowing children can go through the anguish and fatigue that comes with the monster that Arthritis truly is while stuck with a crippling stigma of it only strikes the elderly and downplayed on its severity leaving many suffering in the dark. Having experienced my own personal problems and listening to the same problems of many chronically ill I’ve met in less than a year of advocacy I’ve decided to come forward to try and expose the stigma that is debilitating proper treatments, diagnosis, and funding for Arthritis. Disease awareness is important for a better future for the millions around the world suffering in silence from the villain that is Arthritis. They are not alone. ”


Gabe Howard

Mental Health Patient Leader

Website | Twitter | Facebook

“I’m a patient leader because I wanted discussions about my condition to be lead by somebody with my condition. I didn’t want to be talked about; I wanted to be talked to.”






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