#PatientLeader Webinar: Platform Power Tips for Patient Leaders- Instagram

If you think that Instagram is just for sharing selfies and pictures of cute puppies, you’ve got another thing coming!

More than ever, Patient Leaders are taking the platform by storm and amplifying the patient voice through InstaStories, Hashtags and intriguing pictures.

Join us for this #PatientLeader webinar as we sit down with 3 Patient Leaders leading the way with their Instagram feed. Marla Murasko, Paige Rawl, and Racquel Dozier share an in-depth discussion on how to own Instagram and make the most of your advocacy.

Don’t Miss:

  • How to create an Instagram strategy
  •  Using hashtags on Instagram
  • Creating visuals to attract attention to your Instagram posts
  • Easy-to-use apps to edit photos
  • Social media shortcuts – creating a workflow for your Instagram posts

As a bonus, we’ve compiled all of the Platform Power Tips discussed in this webinar into a Patient Leader Tip Sheet so you can start making the most of your Instagram account right away.

Learn the features you need to be taking advantage of, tips for engaging with your audience and the best tools and applications for having a successful feed!


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Meet The Instagram #PatientLeader Panel


Racquel H. Dozier
Lupus Patient Leader 
Racquel H. Dozier is a Lupus Advocate and diligent in educating others about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, commonly known as Lupus. She is the Founder and President of Lupus In Color a support group based out of Glen Allen, Virginia that provides inspiration, education, encouragement, empowerment and assistance and to lupus warriors. She is also the author of Butterflies of HOPE a book of encouragement to lupus warriors.
Marla Murasko
Down Syndrome Patient Leader 
As a Down Syndrome Advocate, Speaker, Author and Blogger, Marla lives and expresses her passion for Down Syndrome every day. Marla sees firsthand the challenges that individuals with Down Syndrome experience, and knows personally the barriers that parents face when advocating for the rights of their child. Dedicated to spreading awareness for inclusion and understanding for individuals with Down syndrome, she is active on her blog “Musings From A Special Needs Mom” and plays a proactive role in her community and in the classroom.As a recognized speaker, she has spoken on several different stages, but her proudest moment was when she had the privilege of speaking on the global stage at the United Nations for World Down Syndrome Day in 2017. Her life’s mission is to help make the world a more accepting place for her son and for all individuals with Down syndrome and it shows in all that she is involved with. So much, that her family will be launching a nonprofit called “Special & Determined”, whose mission is to help families of children with Down Syndrome by providing financial support for therapeutic services and early interventions, to build a path to a more accepting and inclusive society, where all individuals with Down Syndrome can contribute.
Paige Rawl
HIV/AIDS Patient Leader
Paige Rawl is an accomplished speaker and an inspirational figure for the tens of thousands of kids to whom she has spoken. Today, Paige is a national you advocate, antibullying crusader, and powerful American Red Cross certified HIV/AIDS educator. Paige has been featured in multiple national media outlets, including USA Today, People magazine, Seventeen magazine, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee, the Huffington Post, and POZ magazine. Rawl has been HIV positive since before, but she has never let her status be what defined her. One day in middle school she disclosed to her best friend her positive HIV status and within hours the bullying began. From that day forward Paige made it her mission to educate others and stand up for those who don’t have the voice to do so themselves. Throughout her years Paige began to write her memoir, POSITIVE: Surviving my bullies, Finding Hope, and Changing the World, sharing her story to help others relate and realize that you can turn bad situations into something good. She’s now working towards her goal of starting her own organization, Paige Power.
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