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The WEGO Health Patient Leader Network includes more than 100k patients and caregivers, across virtually all health conditions and topics. It’s comprised of health advocates, influencers and experts ready to transform healthcare by sharing their insights and expertise.
At WEGO Health, we are committed to elevating the voice and visibility of Patient Leaders. We strongly believe Patient Leaders are the future of healthcare and through connecting, listening and collaborating with them, we can solve some of healthcare’s toughest challenges.
It’s free to join the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network. By creating a WEGO Health account you’ll gain access to:

Paid Opportunities

When we’re looking for top patients to participate in Community Insight GroupsTruvio studies, influencer marketing campaigns, speaking engagements and other paid gigs, we start with our network first. We know that WEGO Health Patient Leaders not only have the patient-specific knowledge but are also voices that represent their entire community. WEGO Health Patient Leaders are people who dedicate their time to advocacy and awareness and we love to recognize them for just that!

Build Community

One of the major benefits of joining our network is the connections you can make with other Patient Leaders. From Twitter Chats to Webinars, we love to bring the network together. If you’re seeking inspiration, information or collaboration, we’d love to invite you to join our private WEGO Health Account Holders Facebook group! This wonderful community is a great way to make connections across condition areas and to learn from other Patient Leaders.

Increase Your Exposure

When you join our network, you’re first in line to get your mission out to the masses. We frequently feature Patient Leaders on our blog and our social channels, sharing your information with over 200,000 people! We also get opportunities to connect Patient Leaders with local media outlets. Your WEGO Health account helps us make sure we have the best contact information for you when this happens.


WEGO Health is your connection to top companies and organizations making change in healthcare. Let us help you share your story and get paid for your experience.


We’d love to welcome you to the WEGO Health Family! As a bonus, we’ll send you a FREE WEGO Health Patient Leader Kit to download once you create an account. 

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