Patient Choice Award Winners: Improving the Patient Experience

World Congress and WEGO Health teamed up recently during the Life Sciences Patient Congress to present the Patient Choice Awards. These awards recognize pharma organizations, collaborations, and programs that place a focus on the patient. They spotlight the true game changers, those who realize that each patient experience throughout the entire patient journey is of paramount importance.

So, who are these Patient Choice Award Winners? Read on to find out who they are and why they are considered the best of the best!


The Judging Panel

First, let’s take a look at the judging panel. The panel was comprised of our esteemed WEGO Health Patient Leader Network members. These Patient Leaders are past WEGO Health Award winners, finalists, and Advisory Board members.


And Here They Are – The Patient Choice Award Winners!


Most Influential Patient Advocacy Collaboration Award:

The winner in this category demonstrates meaningful ways to engage the patient voice, gather a real-world understanding of the burden of disease, and incorporate these patient perspectives to ensure the patient voice is championed internally and heard externally.

Embracing CARERS™ Initiative, EMD Serono – Source

Award Winner: Embracing CARERS™ Initiative, EMD Serono

The Embracing CARERS™ initiative truly stands out as the winner in this category. While a focus is typically placed on the patient when considering the patient experience, caregivers play a role that is largely unrecognized, and often misunderstood. As a result, resources in this area are limited. Embracing Carers™ seeks to provide much-needed support for caregivers. From their site:

Embracing Carers™ aims to fill the need for better support and recognition of caregivers. We are focused on improving caregivers’ health and wellness, while increasing awareness and support for them within healthcare systems around the globe.”


Most Influential Patient Access Initiative Award:

The winner in this award category demonstrates a clear understanding of the patient journey. It addresses financial and access barriers, and provides comprehensive resources that allow patients and healthcare providers to navigate and move past the access barriers to make progress in the reimbursement process.

MerckEngage®, Merck – Source


Award Winner: MerckEngage®, Merck

MerckEngage® is an initiative that supports the whole patient. A site that is easily-navigable, you’ll find condition information and advice for successful doctor visits, fitness and healthy living tips, and insurance resources to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire patient journey.


Excellence in Patient Engagement Award:

The award winner in this category is a project that offers inter-disciplinary ways to co-create health solutions, which engage and activate patients to be an active participant in their health management.

ACCELERATE! – AMAIC, ViiV Healthcare – Source


Award Winner: ACCELERATE! – AMAIC, ViiV Healthcare

“As Much As I Can” (AMAIC) is an innovative initiative that encourages dialog about “the gaps in HIV prevention, treatment and care for Black gay and bisexual men.” A project that focuses on two of the hardest hit areas of the HIV epidemic, Baltimore, MD, and Jackson, MS, this immersive theater production brings the action from the stage into the audience. There is definite benefit in using the immersive approach. According to the AMAIC Fact Sheet, it “triggers a response that is significantly different from passive viewing and has been shown to change how the subject or subject matter is perceived.”


2018 Patient Centricity Trendsetter Award:

This award is given to an individual who has gone above and beyond in leading internal initiatives that promote a patient-centered culture and forge collaborations with key stakeholders to promote and enhance the patient experience.

Paul Murasko, Sunovion – Source


Award Winner: Paul Murasko, Sunovion

Currently Sr. Director of Multi-Channel Marketing for Sunovion Pharmaceutical, Paul Murasko has a breadth of experience in the area of pharmaceuticals. In addition to his professional experience, however, he has given of his time for over 20 years in various capacities from serving as Vice Chair for the Tri-County United Way to development of Special and Determined, a foundation that provides much needed support to families with children who have Down Syndrome. Paul is a true champion for all patients and their families.



A Big Thank You!

WEGO Health is very happy to be able to recognize each of these amazing award winners. We also extend our congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all of the nominees. You are all rock stars to us. You recognize and understand the needs of patients and caregivers – on all levels. So often, when we think of the pharmaceutical industry, we think only of the medicines that they produce. It’s heartening to show their patient-centric side – the side that is more holistically improving the patient experience. So, again, thank you!

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