April #WEGOHealthChat Recap: How to Pitch Your Patient Journey to the Press

As a Patient Leader, your number one focus is how you can raise awareness and help more people. One of the best ways to do that is to get your story out in front of as many people as possible. But how do you do that?

In the April #WEGOHealthChat, we spoke with @NatalieSparacio, a former news anchor and Crohn’s Patient Leader about the ways you can share your patient journey with the media and broaden your impact.

If you’d like to read the chat transcript you can find it here or you can get an overview of the chat below.


Q1.It’s hard getting started with the press, do you have any recommendations for drafting email pitches to media? #WEGOHealthChat

Q2. Any tips for calming your nerves when on camera/participating in media interviews? #WEGOHealthChat

Q3. It’s easy to get discouraged, how do you overcome disappointment if you’re struggling to gain media attention? #WEGOHealthChat

Q4.Timing is everything in news-what are some ways to build rapport with reporters? #WEGOHealthChat

Q5.How do you decide which outlets and reporters to target? #WEGOHealthChat

Q6.What’s been your biggest “media win” in your advocacy journey? #WEGOHealthChat


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