March #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Combating the Stigma of Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness not only means dealing with a lifetime of complications but it also means endlessly fighting off the stigma associated with chronic illness.

How do you combat the stigma of chronic illness? Is it through education and awareness? Is it your role as a Patient Leader to combat this stigma? What would you want the world to know about your life with chronic illness? These are the questions we discussed in the March #WEGOHealthChat with our cohosts @SimonRStones and @MikeVeny.

If you’d like to read the chat transcript you can find it here or you can get an overview of the chat below.


Q1.What is an example of a stigma you’ve experienced due to your chronic illness?


Q2: Where do you think this stigma comes from?



Q3. Is it our job as Patient Leaders to educate the outside world on breaking these stigmas or should the onus be on them?


Q4. What are ways that you have worked to combat the stigmas associated with your chronic illness?



Q5: Thinking of other condition areas and who we can learn from, are there online communities out there truly bringing the wrecking ball to their condition’s stigmas?

Q6: Are there ways that we can work together, across condition areas, to combat chronic illness stigmas?Are there any hashtags or campaigns that you’re aware of that work to combat chronic illness stigma?

You can join our #WEGOHealthChats on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm ET. If you’re unfamiliar with how to participate in a Twitter chat, we created this handy-dandy guide to get you up to speed.

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