January #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Your 2018 Advocacy Goals

Goals! Everybody has them, but Patient Leaders seem to be some of the most goal-oriented people around.

We’re always so impressed with the goals our Patient Leaders set and achieve year after year. That’s why we were so egar to ask our Network what they hoped to accomplish in 2018. We know these Leaders have big shoes to fill, but they still knocked our socks off with their responses.

In January’s #WEGOHealthChat, we discussed how 2017 went in terms of advocacy and then finished off with sharing 2018 advocacy goals. We invite you to share your goals with us as well!

If you need some inspiration for your advocacy this year, take a few minutes to read the goals our Network has set out to accomplish this year! You can catch a preview below, but if you’d like the whole transcript (and you do!) you can read it here.

We also created this handy graphic to help keep you accountable for your 2018 goals.  Fill in your goal, share it on social media and tag @WEGOHealth.  We’ll help keep you on track with your goals over the next year!

Click the image to the left to download a copy of the graphic.


Q1. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2017? When you started in 2017 was this the goal that you had in mind? #WEGOHealthChat



Q2. What are some ways that we can work together, across condition areas, to accomplish bigger and better goals this year?



Q3. Learning from other Patient Leaders is a wonderful way to build your own advocacy brand. Tag someone in your community who truly made an impact in 2017. What is one thing you learned from this person, that helped you become stronger as a Patient Leader? #WEGOHealthChat



Q4. When thinking about 2018, are there any big projects, conferences, or movements you’re really excited about? #WEGOHealthChat



Q5. Are there any hashtags you’ll follow/participate in that inspire you to achieve your goals? #WEGOHealthChat



Q6. If you could pick one goal to accomplish in 2018, what would it be? #WEGOHealthChat


You can join our #WEGOHealthChats on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm ET. If you’re unfamiliar with how to participate in a Twitter chat, we created this handy-dandy guide to get you up to speed.

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