Patient Leader #FollowFriday – January 19th, 2018

Happy Friday, Patient Leaders! This week, we’ve snagged an eclectic group for you to follow.

From a women’s health advocate living in Bangladesh, our favorite vegan living in Canada and a top-notch cancer advocate right here in the States, these three Patient Leaders will not only educate you, but they’ll also help you make friends in other parts of the world.

Oh, and did we mention they are all 2017 WEGO Health Award finalists?!

Use this #FollowFriday to expand your knowledge and your network.


Ann Fonfa

Breast Cancer Patient Leader

Twitter  |  Website | Facebook

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 44. Couldn’t take chemotherapy, refused radiation. But I sought solutions that turned out to help me and others as they went through conventional treatments. So I started a study group, then a website, and finally an all-volunteer nonprofit to share the evidence around natural cancer strategies. Turns out there are so many options that help people get through cancer, cancer treatment, and recovery of good health. I travel to many scientific conferences to gather information, as do our amazing volunteers and board members. We spread our ideas as well via our health-messaged postcards, active Facebook page, Twitter feed and of course our website which has been online since June 1999.”

Dr. Nowaseehn Purabi

Women’s Health Leader

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“As a young medical practitioner, I started providing free medical service in my own village during the weekend from my social responsibility. In the course of my volunteer service, I came to note the widespread ignorance on basic reproductive health care and family planning. I found most people hesitant, ignorant or too poor to consult doctors. Frequent delay in consulting doctors often led to otherwise preventable complications, increase in treatment expenses and reduction in the chance of survival. In Bangladesh poverty is not always the culprit rather the lack of awareness of basic health issues that result in suffering. These motivated me to create reproductive health awareness among the people especially women. I am the first physician in Bangladesh who has taken the initiatives to bridge the gap between health services and people. My activities are challenging taboos, eradicating malpractice from the society.”


Eric Polsinelli

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Leader

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“I advocate because I know that patients can gain a tremendous amount of hope through other patients, and I’ve learned first hand how much of a difference one patient leader can make to the lives of others. Having lived through some of the horrors of IBD and subsequently having ostomy surgery as a result, it was other patient leaders who pulled me out of darkness. I want to continue their work as a tribute to the dedication and openness they’ve shown. Knowing that I can be a glimmer of hope for someone who may be suffering fills me with joy and motivates me to do better. I’m honored to be a part of so many lives, and I hope that the spark in me will inspire others to become a patient leader.”

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