Month: January 2018

What conferences should Patient Leaders have on their radar this year?

With a new year ahead of us, we have the chance to start filling up our schedules with great healthcare-related conferences! We asked our Patient Leader Connection Facebook Group* what were the must-attend conferences for 2018. We were delighted to see interest in various conferences across all condition areas and topics. We've listed a few…

January #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Your 2018 Advocacy Goals

Goals! Everybody has them, but Patient Leaders seem to be some of the most goal-oriented people around. We're always so impressed with the goals our Patient Leaders set and achieve year after year. That's why we were so egar to ask our Network what they hoped to accomplish in 2018. We know these Leaders have…

Patient Leader #FollowFriday – January 19th, 2018

Happy Friday, Patient Leaders! This week, we've snagged an eclectic group for you to follow. From a women's health advocate living in Bangladesh, our favorite vegan living in Canada and a top-notch cancer advocate right here in the States, these three Patient Leaders will not only educate you, but they'll also help you make friends…

Menopause Patient Leader #FollowFriday – January 12th, 2018

Continuing with the women's health theme this month, we're featuring three remarkable menopause Patient Leaders. These women are removing the stigma surrounding menopause and working incredibly hard to empower women along the way. Not only have these three decide to share their own stories, but they've all made it their mission to support and educate…

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing – Consider These Factors

There are several factors to consider when determining your strategy for pharmaceutical digital marketing.

Bringing the Patient Perspective

Find an established patient leader to speak at an annual conference for clients and industry leaders, and specifically, a person able to bring a perspective
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