Patient Leader #FollowFriday – December 29th

As we close out 2017, we wanted to share with you more WEGO Health Award Finalists. Not only because they’re wonderful people, but also because their communities made it loud and clear that they need to be in the spotlight!

Below you’ll find three delightful Patient Leaders, all who were nominated for 2017 WEGO Health Awards. These Leaders have taken what would be considered lemons and made some incredibly productive and life-altering lemonade!


Shelby Goodrich-Eckard

PCOS Patient Leader

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“PCOS affects nearly 1 in 5 women, yet with the stigma connected to its symptoms and lack of education and awareness, nearly every woman I’ve talked to has said, ” I felt so alone.” I want them to know they are NOT alone. We are in this together.”

Shelby was a finalist for the 2017 Best in Show: Instagram WEGO Health Award for the hard work that she puts in to educate and erase the stigma for those living with PCOS.  With over 60,000 followers on Instagram, Shelby has figured out how to spread her message to those who need to hear it most!


Simon Stones

Fibromyalgia Patient Leader

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“Having grown up with what is often labeled as an old person’s disease, life can be pretty tough. Dealing with aches, pains and a long list of symptoms that accompany arthritis can often feel like a job in itself, and it certainly affected my self-confidence as a young person. After getting involved in research as a patient partner, I became empowered to take control of my health, and advocate for others – so that young people out there, as well as their families, won’t have to endure some of the challenges that I and others have faced. In all that I do, I want young people and their families to feel that they have a voice, and that they can use that voice to influence the care they receive, as well as advancing the collective knowledge of the community, so that we can transform the health and well-being of the many people out there living with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. I also believe that advocacy opens the doors to so many opportunities, especially meeting like-minded people, who become your support network. These individuals enrich my life so much, and I want other people to realize that too.”

Simon was not only nominated for Best in Show: Twitter and Lifetime Achievement, but he was also the winner for the 2017 Healthcare Collaborator: Patient WEGO Health Award. You really don’t want to miss all the useful research and helpful information he shares on Twitter. He’s also a regular at #WEGOHealthChat and we have to confess that we’re always very excited to see him chime in!


Terry Lynn Arnold

Breast Cancer Patient Leader

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“After 4 months of misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer in my right breast in August 2007 and a left triple negative contralateral tumor soon after. The term remission is not applied to IBC patients, but I love the term no evidence of disease (NED), that is listed next to my name in my medical chart since I completed treatment in June 2008. At the time of my diagnoses I was shocked at how little information was available regarding IBC, and even more shocked at the lack of research and education for this orphaned form of breast cancer first written about in the 1800’s. I have worked tirelessly since to educate as well as fund research since. Hope always, Terry.”

Terry was a finalist for the Patient Leader Hero WEGO Health Award and after reading her bio it’s clear to see why so many people rallied behind her nomination. While we think all patients are heroes, it’s the Patient Leaders like Terry who take their experiences and selflessly work to make sure other patients have a better journey that we love to help champion.

If you’re feeling inspired by these top Patient Leaders, you should join our network!

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