Patient Leaders Share Their Health Journeys & Their Pets

Here at WEGO Health, we are definitely pet people. In fact, we often share pictures of our furry family members internally for what we’ve coined as Pet Picture Friday!

We love our pets because they bring us so much happiness, but also because of the healing that goes along with being a pet owner.

As Patient Leaders, you know the importance of sharing your own health journey with the online world, but what about your pet’s health?

We recently asked our Patient Leader Network about their pets and if they share information about them on their blogs and social channels. Over 300 respondents told us how much they enjoy sharing their pets with their audiences. 80% of them infact said that they actively share their pets on their social channels!

Out of those who responded, 77% of our Leaders said it was important to check in with online communities (online communities can include Facebook, Twitter, blogs, discussion groups or other social media sites.) before making a treatment decision for their pet.

Understanding the true value of patient experience and community, 86% of the respondents believed there was value in WEGO Health starting a Pet Health blogging community.

We absolutely loved some of the answers (and pictures of our Leader’s pets) and wanted to share them with you! Enjoy.

  • “My dog also lives with multiple chronic illnesses. I wrote about her to vent my feelings and people reacted. To date, my most successful blogs have revolved around my dog and cats health. I was asked to write about my dog for CreakyJoints and she has appeared on NBCNews, and is featured in several books.” – Kelly Conway, As My Joints Turn, mom to Georgia Grace

  • “She gives me so much comfort & is a part of my daily life, I want to share all about how she plays into my life. I recently dedicated a whole blog post to her on her 10th bday because I wanted to share just how special she is to me. She isn’t “just a dog” she is a source of comfort who help keep me going “ – Christina Kovacs, Lady of Lyme, mom to Macy


  • “[I share] to dispel all the misinformation. I had a service dog for 15 years (2001-2016). It seemed like a constant battle to try and get people to understand the ADA requirements for public access and that the need for a service animal is often as vital as the need for a wheelchair.” – Lindsey Morrison Grant, mom to Gizmo


  • “My dogs have been Godsends for me. They keep me company, one wakes me up from PTSD related nightmares, and they provide unconditional love which so many people with chronic illnesses crave. I also learned it was something many people in the community could relate to so it was a nice, positive topic to add to discussions. ” – Marissa Lauren Troy, Journaling IBD, mom to Holli and Phoebe

  • “When I got Poppy, she was a rescue. I was still home on disability and she had special needs as a victim of abuse and was seized during a criminal raid gone wrong by the sheriff’s office.  She still has some health issues but taking care of her has been therapeutic for my health as well. ” – Jaime Weinstein, Pretty Rotten Guts, mom to Poppy


  • “My cat is a chemo angel kitty. I get assigned to people going through chemo therapy and I send cheerful notes and mailable gifts. Whenever I get a child, my kitty “writes” the letters… and the children love it” – Suzanne Stewart, Tears of Truth, mom to Luna-Skye


  • “She is such a valuable part of our family. It seems as though from a very early age after we brought her home as a brand new puppy she was able to sense when my daughter who has Type 1 diabetes was having a low blood glucose or wasn’t feeling well or when her blood glucose is trending higher than the normal range. She hasn’t been formally trained but she gets very apprehensive and anxious and tries to get the attention of other humans. It makes me so proud and thankful and I brag about her often.” – Paula Fairchild, mom of Sayde


  • “Kye Blue helps keep me moving and my mind off of how sick I am feeling along with pain. He rides with me to and from hospital when I have to go in and my older son watches him for me. He’s family. My younger kiddos each have a cat. My younger son has high functioning autism and my daughter has anxiety along with ADHD. The cats are therapeutic for them and loving. So, as none of our animals are registered as “ therapy” pets they sure play an important role in our home being a huge part of our family.” – Cassandra Restrepo, mom to Kye Blue

  • “First, I started sharing pictures of my dog (Zoey) to attract attention to my posts. However, the more I shared about Zoey, the more I realized that the chronic illness community is filled with those who receive the majority of their emotional support from their pets. Zoey became a regular feature on my blog and social media channels, because my audience could identify with my relationship with her. ” – Tiffany Early, Crazy Chronic Life, mom to Zoey


  • “Bailey not only is a member of the family and service animal, but has developed cancer herself! It is natural to share her journey along with ours!” – Gretchen Church, Parkinson’s Advocacy in Florida, mom to Bailey


Here are some of our favorite Pet Picture Friday pictures from the WEGO Health team!


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