Patient Leader Webinar: Top Tips for Landing WEGO Health Experts Engagements

You’ve recently joined WEGO Health Experts and have flawlessly crafted your profile. You’re excited and ready to help change healthcare, but you’re unsure of how to stand out from the crowd when responding to engagements.

Join the WEGO Health team as we offer our top tips for browsing engagements, setting up notifications for gigs in your wheelhouse, interacting with Experts Clients, submitting winning proposals and more!

This webinar is for those Experts who are ready to rock the platform, but are unsure of the process. Join us as we break down the basics and give you a tutorial on how to use the platform to respond to Clients.

In this webinar:

  • Become a pro at navigating the platform and tracking engagements through your Dashboard
  • Learn how to customize your preferences so you only receive notifications for engagements you care about
  • Review how to browse engagements on the platform and initiate a conversation with the client
  • Discuss the 5 elements of a successful and winning proposal. Looking for more details? Check out this post. 
  • Discover how to determine your bill rate with a few simple steps

Now that you’ve reviewed these tips, head over to WEGO Health Experts, log in and land your next WEGO Health Experts engagement today.

Who could benefit from your talent and expertise?  If you know any companies that could benefit from a Patient Expert, let us know.  We’ll take the time to reach out and educate these companies how together we can create the change in healthcare we all wish to see. 

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