Patient Leader #FollowFriday – December 1st

WEGO Health does a lot of work with the IBD, Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain communities. We can say for certain that the following three Patient Leaders are definitely worthy of your adoration on this Follow Friday! Not only are they wonderful people, but they are all 2017 WEGO Health Award nominees.



Sharon Coyle-Saeed

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Leader

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“I advocate for Inflammatory Bowel Disease because after being diagnosed in 1990 with ulcerative colitis, there were really not that many people talking about it, minimal support groups and given the fact that it is GI based, there was a lot of shame surrounding the disease so therefore, lots of silence. After a hospital stay in 2012, my roommate Amy, wouldn’t stop talking to me. She passed months after from a surgery because of her Crohn’s disease, what stayed with me was how she made me feel not so alone. Thus, ibdjourneys was born. It became my goal to help to make others not feel alone as well and to lift the curtain of shame off of a disease that is misunderstood.”

Mitch Sturgeon

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader

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“I draw on examples from my life with primary progressive multiple sclerosis to inform, entertain, and inspire others with MS, the broader disabled community, and empathetic people everywhere. This is a symbiotic relationship, however. Nothing boosts my spirits more than hearing from readers who have benefited in some way from my writings. Enjoying the Ride walks a fine line between portraying my condition in a brutally honest manner and exposing the lighter side of chronic disease and disability (yes, there is one). I emphasize opportunities to live a contented life as a disabled person.

Barby Ingle

Chronic Pain Patient Leader

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“The International Pain Foundation (iPain) is proud to create, support, and facilitate projects, legislation, and initiatives for the chronic pain community for the past 12 years. The iPain strongly supports legislation which provides proper and timely access to care for pain patients globally. The International Pain Foundation addresses challenges in the pain community by specifically focusing on patients in pain to highlight the inadequacies and solutions to fix them. The iPain works to increase the patient’s best interest and help eliminate undue challenges to pain patients. The iPain provides community-based support services that address the immediate need of pain patients. Accordingly, beneficiaries include patients who are economically and socially affected by these invisible diseases. The iPain’s ultimate goal is to facilitate chronic pain patients to gain the ability to perform their regular activities in the community and to bolster society’s ability to provide full opportunities and appropriate supports for its pain citizens. iPain projects work to eliminate the unethical treatment of pain patients, especially women, minorities and economically disadvantaged patients, whom studies have shown are either disproportionately undertreated, or go untreated for pain. The International Pain has a strong commitment to reducing health disparities in the communities we serve and we are extremely proud of our social response from the community and public who support our efforts.”

Barby was our 2016 WEGO Health Awards Lifetime Achievement winner and it’s not hard to see why  she’s amazing! Not only is she the founder of the International Pain Foundation, but she’s also an accomplished speaker,  a social media correspondent at conferences, a member of various advisory boards and she even stars in her own reality TV show! Learn more about Barby’s skill and how you can work with her on your next project by checking out her WEGO Health Experts profile.


Today we celebrate these three Patient Leaders for the work that they do in their communities, but also for being WEGO Health Award nominees or winners.  Don’t forget to peep their social channels and make sure to follow all of them!

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