New, Lower Service Fees for WEGO Health Experts

We have been hard at work making WEGO Health Experts the go-to platform for clients and for Patient Experts like you. To make the platform better, we’ve continuously asked for feedback and input from our Patient Experts and from our Patient Leader Advisory Board.

One item on which everyone agreed: we’d like to see lower service fees deducted from freelance WEGO Health Experts payments.

We heard you: We’ve restructured the service fees for WEGO Health Expert freelancers,

so your fees will go down as you earn more. For details, please read this post in its entirety.


New WEGO Health Experts Fee Structure

Prior to December 1, 2017, an 18% service fee has been deducted from all WEGO Health Experts freelancers’ invoices.

Effective December 1, 2017, WEGO Health Experts’ fees will be reduced on a sliding scale determined by lifetime earnings on the platform. In other words, the more business an Expert contracts through WEGO Health Experts, the more they’ll earn.

WEGO Health Service Fee Structure

As of December 1, 2017, WEGO Health Experts service fees will be deducted as follows:

– 18% service fee for the first $5,000 in earnings on the platform

– 15% service fee for lifetime earnings on the platform between $5,001 – $10,000

– 10% service fee for lifetime earnings on the platform that exceed $10,000

Most other freelancing platforms that offer sliding-scale fee reductions base those reductions only on freelancer fees for an individual client. WEGO Health Experts calculates service fees on all your lifetime earnings on the platform, so you can build a diverse portfolio of clients and still be rewarded.


Why do we have WEGO Health Experts service fees?

The WEGO Health Experts platform depends on service fees to support:

Our multi-channel marketing efforts to find client companies ready to hire Patient Experts like you. Our goal is to find thousands of companies, and many thousands of projects, to embed Patient Experts throughout healthcare.

Our customer service team, on call to be sure your project goes smoothly. You can reach us via chat (from every page of the platform) or by e-mail at

– Our pay-right-away policy – once you submit an invoice through the platform, WEGO Health pays you within 5 days of client approval (or the same day if paid directly with your PayPal account) – whether we have been paid by the client or not. WEGO Health takes care of any collection issues, not our Patient Expert freelancers.

– Our crackerjack technology team, educational resources, training programs and other benefits of joining the WEGO Health Experts platform.


Thank you for all your support in helping WEGO Health Experts to become the most successful freelance platform in healthcare.

Together, we can transform healthcare – and provide meaningful work for Patient Experts.

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