Hemophilia Patient Leader and Caregiver #FollowFriday – November 24th

We did a few Community Insight Groups with the Hemophilia community earlier this year and had the pleasure of getting to know a few of the incredible people advocating in this space. For this week’s #FollowFriday let’s meet some of the top Hemophilia and blood disorder advocates out there.



Dakota Rosenfelt

Hemophilia Patient Leader

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I share my story so others can see how important it is to not let your condition get in the way of living a happy, full life. My condition is rather rare with only ~20,000 in the US who suffer from it, and not all are able to be as “loud” as me. With this as a background though, I use my voice to bring as much awareness about my condition to light as possible so people can see how patients really are, and not just the stereotypes.”

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Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

Hemophilia Advocate and Caregiver

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We learn from each other. If we don’t share the good and the bad and how we have survived through the worst of the worst, others may not find the hope they need to move forward. Advocating for those with a chronic illness is one of my deepest passions. I want my stories to redeem the experiences of my sons and helping others find hope is the greatest gift of all.”

Cazandra is a soon-to-be-published author of a future memoir about her journey into Hemophilia with her two sons. She’s also an accomplished speaker and TedTalk Alumni. If you’d like to work with Cazandra, take a look at her WEGO Health Experts profile to learn more about her.

Jen Loving

Hemophilia Advocate and Caregiver


I share my story so that others know they are not alone in raising children with chronic illness. The most important part of my advocacy work is involving my children so they can speak on their chronic condition not only to lawmakers locally, statewide and nationally but also in the classroom and in the workforce. It’s important to be vocal for those who can’t or don’t know how.”

Today let’s celebrate these three individuals making change and positive impact on the lives of those living with Hemophilia and other blood disorders, as well as those that care for them! Be sure to follow all three today.


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