WEGO Health Experts: 5 Elements to A Winning Proposal

It’s an exciting time for Patient Experts! Healthcare companies are starting to see the value these patients can provide making them eager to collaborate. With WEGO Health Experts, we make collaboration easy- connecting our Patient Experts with healthcare opportunities in real time.

But how do you win the work? A winning proposal. This is your opportunity to show the client you understand the engagement and are the right Expert for the job!

Be sure to introduce yourself and include the 5 elements below:


1. Objectives: What are the objectives? What are the core challenges of the engagement?

2. Payment: Provide an appropriate bid offer taking into account relevant factors like experience, work criteria and social reach. Still unsure? See below!

3. Deliverables & Benefits: What are the key deliverables and the benefits that you can provide the client?

4. Timeline: What will the timeline for the engagement look like? Include any deliverable deadlines or benchmark points

5. Credibility: Why are you the right Expert for this job? Include any relevant experiences or achievements


Proposing Your Expert Fee

Experts have the right to set and negotiate their price. To decide your price points, some Experts find it helpful to break down the engagement.

Step 1: Break Down the Engagement Determine the different tasks of the engagement to help break the project into phases. Be sure to include timelines, deliverables and additional context

Step 2: Calculate Your Value as an Expert Factor the value of your depth of expertise, estimated time and the nature of the project and the type of organization (startup, corporate, pharma, etc.).

Step 3: Consider Service Fees As the Expert, you ultimately make the final call on your proposed feeds. Feel free to negotiate directly with clients, as needed.


Expert Tip: Feeling overwhelmed? Try using Klout and Webfluential as a starting point to learn what your fee should be.


Proposal Examples

Proposal for WEGO Health Podcast RockstarProject Manager: Creation of Patient & Caregiver Advisory Board (IPF)Influencer Marketing Campaign: “Healthcare Costs are a Personal Finance Issue”

Proposal for WEGO Health Podcast Rockstar

Budget: $1,024.39

In the capacity as an Executive Producer, I have produced, edited and distributed 300 plus podcast episodes since 2014. I also have hosted or co-hosted over 200 episodes

What I will provide is:

  • My expertise on developing a podcast channel to not only reach your current audience but also an extended reach such as iTunes, Youtube etc
  • I will advise and help implement an ongoing structure to provide the best product possible to your social media outlets.
  • Will provide expertise in audio and video editing including audio intro and outro for all content (focused branding)
  • implement distribution pathways for your content to reach maximum potential
  • Will provide a platform to feature your patient leaders in an exceptional way to others who are more like them than different.

With My experience, I have no doubt that WEGO Health and my abilities are a perfect fit and look forward to taking your content to another level.

Project Manager: Creation of Patient & Caregiver Advisory Board (IPF)

Budget: $150/hr

Thank you for posting the Project Manager Engagement for the “Creation of Patient & Caregiver Advisory Board (IPF)”. I have submitted a proposal to be included as a member of this team, and would appreciate your consideration to be its Project Manager. I am very excited about the chance to be a part of a team that can help to improve the way clinical trials related to IPF are conducted and help research move closer towards a cure to this horrible disease.

My team building and project management experience was developed during my career in industrial maintenance. I started my career as a nuclear machinery mechanic on submarines in the United States Navy, and worked my way up to being an Assistant Director at RadioShack Corporation in charge of Distribution System Maintenance. My responsibilities included managing all aspects of facility and machinery maintenance. Team building and project management were an important part of my success.

I am very interested in helping to advance research and to help include, and empower, more people who are affected by IPF in the journey towards a cure.

I understand that you expect the Project Manager to commit to 3-5 quality hours over and above the time actually spent participating with the Team. I understand that my responsibilities will include helping to recruit a team of patients and caregivers who are affected by IPF and to help lead this team. My responsibilities will include communications between team members, helping to schedule conference calls, answering questions and addressing team member concerns, and helping you achieve the goal of ensuring your …”efforts directly support patient and caregiver needs, and together through our insights, we hope to drive more patient-centered research and care.’

Thanks again for the opportunity to be considered a part of this team. I do appreciate it.

Influencer Marketing Campaign: “Healthcare Costs are a Personal Finance Issue”

Rate: $3,000

I propose to produce a 2-3 minute video “how to” on managing a cancer diagnosis from both a “get the right care” and “don’t go broke doing it” perspective.

Key messages will be very much in alignment with the ones requested:

    • Managing cancer treatment requires shared decision making INCLUDING addressing the risk of financial toxicity as a possible side effect of treatment
    • Personal finance savvy in the form of “understand your health insurance coverage” is key to getting what you need AND getting what you need paid for
    • Leveraging patient assistance programs and community resources can help form a safety net for the high-wire act that cancer treatment can become


          • Story will appear on both of my blogs, as well as that of the Society for Participatory Medicine’s e-Patient blog
          • Piece will be shared on Twitter (with #hcpt hashtag, as well as others that tag communities I influence)
          • Facebook post with relevant hashtags (mirroring Twitter posting, hitting at different time)

Now that you’re a proposal pro, feel free to browse engagements and submit a new proposal. Best of luck!

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