November #WEGOHealth Chat Recap – How can pharma and healthcare companies be better partners with Patient Leaders?

In our November #WEGOHealthChat we explored how pharma and healthcare companies can work together with Patient Leaders to create solutions to some of the gaps in healthcare. We brainstormed new ideas, shared insights, and asked Patient Leaders what companies are already doing it right!

Below you’ll find some highlights from each discussion question but if you’d like to read the full chat transcript, you can find it HERE,

Q1: What are current gaps and/or needs in your community that you feel could be addressed by pharma &/or healthcare companies?


Q2:  What ideas do you have on how pharma & healthcare companies can better leverage patients?


Q3: What are some ways that these companies can inform the patient community about the patient-centric initiatives they are leading and/or opportunities for patients?


Q4: Which pharma or healthcare companies do a great job of engaging patients?


Q5: What do you think is an appropriate way(s) for WEGO Health to help support pharma and healthcare companies patient advocacy programs & initiatives? What is the value?

You can join our #WEGOHealthChats on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm ET. If you’re unfamiliar with how to participate in a Twitter chat, we created this handy-dandy guide to get you up to speed.

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