WEGO Health Experts UPDATE: Platform Enhancements

WEGO Health Experts update as of November 10, 2017

We want to thank our Experts for their continued efforts and support. We value your feedback and we’re always looking to improve the platform. We’ve listened to your ideas and we’ve implemented a few new features we think you’ll be excited about.


Customize Your Engagement Notifications


Experts can now specify the type of engagements they’d like to hear about. Perhaps you’re interested in consulting and content development engagements only. Navigating to your profile, you can edit your preferences to reflect this desire. Once you’ve set your preferences, you will only receive notifications on the engagement types you’ve selected.


To make these notification changes, go to your Dashboard and click the little pencil icon next to your photo. This will take you to edit your profile.

Navigate to the Notifications tab on the left hand side. On this page you’ll be able to turn on and off the types of engagements you are interested in.

If your interests change, you can always come back and edit this page.



Engagement Email Notifications

Once you have your notifications set within your profile, you’ll receive automatic email notifications for engagements you’re interested in. These will be in addition to the SMS messages you can receive. Both of these notification settings can be turned off on your Notifications screen within your profile.



Expert Engagement Inquiries

Not ready to submit a proposal? Have a few questions for the client? Experts can now send inquiries to clients before submitting a proposal.

To send an inquiry, simply visit the engagement you’re interested in and select Submit an Inquiry on the right side of the page.

This will allow you to send an inquiry to a client prior to submitting your proposal. In doing so, you will initiate a conversation with the client.

Inquiries can be used when you aren’t clear what the client is looking for, have specific questions on deliverables or have general questions for the client.

However, if you feel you’re ready to jump right in and submit a proposal- you still have the ability to do so!


Experts W9 Capture

Experts now have the ability to safely and securely upload their W9 prior to submitting their first invoice. This only occurs before an Experts’ first engagement.

To upload, simply select the W9 form link in the blue box, complete the form and then select Upload to safely and securely upload to our database.



You can also access your W9 upload through your profile. To make these notification changes, go to your Dashboard and click the little pencil icon next to your photo. This will take you to edit your profile.


Navigate to the Legal tab on the left hand side. Here, you’ll be able to download a blank W9 form and re-upload your form at any time.


Same Day Payments with Paypal

We are excited to announce that you can now be paid directly through Paypal via WEGO Health Experts.Setting up your account with Paypal allows you to be paid the same day your invoice is approved. To set up your account, simply navigate to the Payments tab on your Experts profile and click the orange Add a Paypal Account button.





Questions? Concerns? Email experts@wegohealth.com, we’re happy to help. And as always, feel free to share your feedback with us, we’re always looking to improve.

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