Presenting The 2017 WEGO Health Award Winners

Every year we receive more and more deserving Patient Leader nominations in the WEGO Health Awards. This year we had almost 2,500 nominations and close to 30,000 endorsements! A huge thank you to all of the judges that helped comb through these fantastic nominees to award our 16 WEGO Health Award Winners this year.

Each year we add to the distinguished class of Patient Leaders honored with a WEGO Health Award. These advocates, influencers and experts are making a difference within healthcare one tweet, post, event, project and engagement at a time. As we honor a new class of Patient Leaders today, we’d be remiss not mention and give praise to the 2016 WEGO Health Award Winners.


And now, announcing this year’s top Patient Leaders in the 6th Annual WEGO Health Awards.


Advocating For Another – Winner: Marla Murasko


Best In Show: Blog – Winner: Eric Polsinelli / Veganostomy.ca


Best In Show: Community / Forum – #BCSM Community


Best In Show: Facebook – Winner: Gustavo San Martin


Best In Show: Instagram – Winner: Paige Rawl


Best In Show: Podcast – Winner: Psych Central Show With Gabe Howard


Best In Show: Twitter – Winner: Randy Patrick


Best In Show: YouTube – Winner: Amy Lee Fischer


Best Kept Secret – Winner: Roberta Carson


Best Team Performance – Winner: Kayla Cares 4 Kids


Healthcare Collaborator: Company – Winner: Healthsparq


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient – Winner: Simon Stones


Hilarious Patient Leader – Winner: Luke Escombe

Lifetime Achievement – Winner: Kathy Kelley


Patient Leader Hero – Winner: Alisha Bridges


Rookie of the Year – Winner: Erin Goodwin


A huge congratulations to all of this year’s finalists in the 2017 WEGO Health Awards. Each and every one of you is making an impact to change healthcare for the better.

To view all of the WEGO Health Awards videos, including all of the finalists, please check out our 2017 WEGO Health Awards YouTube playlist.

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