Value of Patient Leader Content

The Value of Patient Leader Content [case study]

Regardless of where patients are in their treatment journeys, whether newly diagnosed or years into their diagnosis, they will most likely research condition-specific resources and information on new treatment options.

More specifically, we found that Patient Leaders within the WEGO Health patient network are actively looking for these resources to share with their communities to help better educate other patients on their diagnoses. Patients, caregivers, and other online community members turn to these Patient Leaders for pertinent patient leader content: information, direction, and advice regarding their own treatment journeys.

How can your company better engage Patient Leaders and their followers to help drive brand awareness and new patient acquisition?

Well, we’ve got a case study for you that explains the details.


The Challenge

The company needed to build consumer brand awareness and trust by:

  • Associating with WEGO Health’s reputation
  • Harnessing the voice of Patient Leaders
  • Increasing engagement


The Approach

We created a co-branded Sharing Hub patient resource website, which initially featured existing brand assets. Then we added WEGO Health Patient Leader content in the form of videos. The site was promoted with a co-branded social promotion campaign reaching targeted influencer audiences.

Here are details of the case study we conducted that shows the value of custom Patient Leader creative:


The Campaign Process

WEGO Health launched a multi-phased Sharing Hub program which included:

  • Creating a branded Sharing Hub (microsite) to house condition-specific resources
  • Launching a promotional campaign to drive the WEGO Health patient network to the Sharing Hub, and
  • Creating custom Patient Leader videos to house on the Sharing Hub

Phase I of the Sharing Hub program included the launch of the Sharing Hub, which housed several condition-specific resources (Doctor Discussion Guides, co-pay assistance cards, patient videos, and more) that were created by the brand and therefore pre-approved by their regulatory team.

Once the Sharing Hub was live, a social media-based promotional campaign was launched to drive the existing WEGO Health online network to the Sharing Hub. During this Phase I period, there were no live custom Patient Leader videos on the Sharing Hub.

During Phase II of the Sharing Hub program, which began six months after Phase I, custom Patient Leader videos were recorded, approved by regulatory, and added to the Hub. The videos featured Patient Leaders who shared tips on how to discuss treatment options with doctors, and details on their diagnosis and experiences living with their condition, which was specific to the campaign.

As the Patient Leader videos went live on the Sharing Hub, a new promotional campaign was launched directing traffic specifically to these published Patient Leader videos.

The same budget was allocated to promoting both Phase I and Phase II of the campaign.


The Results

WEGO Health compared the amount of traffic directing to the Sharing Hub during Phase I versus Phase II and found that, while Phase I showed successful results and reached anticipated traffic goals, Phase II of the program featuring custom Patient Leader videos delivered overwhelming results, including over 20,000 more Sharing Hub visits than seen in Phase I.

In six months, the Phase II Sharing Hub brought in over seven times as many visitors as Phase I.

The impact of patient leader content

The Secret Sauce

Featuring trusted Patient Leader content, and people who already have a large following of relevant online community members, dramatically increases engagement for a company’s consumer resources and promotional campaign.

The addition of custom Patient Leader content to a branded platform or resource is extremely beneficial to a health company’s program goals, particularly within pharmaceutical company campaigns.


  • Featuring a real patient and well-known Patient Leader generates a level of trust with community members that is often missing from standard pharmaceutical health content
  • Patient Leader content can provide a first-hand perspective that community members can realistically relate to and believe

We conducted a Behavioral Intent Study that shows when information about a specific medication is presented by a pharmaceutical company and shared by an influential Patient Leader, 87% will ask their physician about the information and 85% will share the information with people they deem as potentially interested.

To see the results from Part I of our comprehensive “Behavioral Intent Study: Do online patient communities drive doctor visits?,” get your copy here

How will you increase your patient engagement through Patient Leader content? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Caitlyn has been a part of the WEGO Health Client Services team since 2015. As the day-to-day contact for pharmaceutical and healthcare company sponsors, Caitlyn manages the creation and launch of social media initiatives that work to bridge the gap between sponsors and the WEGO Health Network of online patient leaders. Often bridging that gap means working directly with patient leaders to create sponsored material that better represents the patient voice.

Caitlyn lives in Providence, Rhode Island where she actively wears her New York Yankees gear out of respect for her hometown in upstate New York. In her spare time, Caitlyn plays tennis and explores the restaurant scene to uphold her “Foodie” title.

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