Webinar: Using Podcasts to Empower Your Voice

Have you ever considered hosting a podcast? Maybe you’re wondering what the advantages of podcasting are? Perhaps what equipment you will need? Or maybe you just want to know where to start!

Well then this webinar is for you! Join podcast pro Shane Schulz as he offers his best tips and practices for creating your very own podcast.


Don’t Miss!

  • Shane takes you back to basics. Before you roll out your new mic, take a moment to answer his 3 key questions to focus your podcast.
  • Shooting for 1,000 listeners on your first podcast? Shane explains why quality listeners are more beneficial than quantity
  • Shane’s best advice for new podcasts hosts? Just try and most importantly, be authentic.

Watch this webinar and then start thinking about what the focus of your podcast will be! Write down your answers to Shane’s 3 key questions and create a strong foundation. Then, stay tuned for Part 2 of Shane’s webinar where he’ll show you how to get your new podcast up and running!

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Shane Schulz is a patient leader, caregiver, and a difference maker.
Challenged by both medical and mental health related conditions, Shane has made it his life purpose to help others who are more like him than they are different.

In 2014 Shane turned to the world of podcasting to further his reach and to empower his voice both as a patient leader and motivational speaker.

Having been a Guest or Host on more than 200 podcast episodes, and an Executive Producer of over 10 different podcast shows; Shane has produced, edited and distributed well over 300 plus episodes reaching audio and video content leaders, such as iTunes, Youtube and many more!

In 2015 Shane became the Founder of the ever growing Speaking to the Heart Radio Network, specializing in health advocacy. While bringing awareness and inspiration together Shane continues to empower voices Worldwide to help millions make a difference together!

Check out Shane’s podcast, Arisen Strength!

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